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  1. Hey that looks like the space battleship Yamato.
  2. The best way I found for myself was to find an image I liked on the interweb and copy the URL. Then you go to your profile page and click your avatar. A 'change' option should appear which you click as well. That opens a window which allows several options. One of them is adding a pic from a URL. Paste the URL of your image and import. Your done
  3. Only one warp point? That's a good thing. Very defensible system
  4. No one has added any system names since 2006! Back in the day we were all one big happy family. The. Wars broke out all over and systems names were more of a secret
  5. We also must not forget the little brother to ICE.... The Deep Core Surveyor. I'm sure by now most players that have done a fair amount of GEO orders have realized how high the hydroelectric and geothermal potentials are on most worlds. I believe this was done intentionally to enable more efficient use of DCS's. It will be slow going at first but over time yields can increase to respectable levels and be able to sustain a reasonably large industrial base.
  6. ICE is NICE but won't be as critical to success in Draco as it was in Andromeda. Resource potentials in Draco are higher and in the case of asteroid belts much higher base potentials of the all important iron resource
  7. That all good info except for the part about ICE. That's been removed from the Draco version of supernova. Good Luck!!!
  8. DMX do not operate pop centers like we do. They don't use the same mechanics that we use to produce stuff. Too bad really as I was looking forward to chopping them up into scrap metal and use them as a raw resource.
  9. Personally I was never very fond of the BOMB order. In Andromeda I never used it. Thought it was such a waste of valuable population resources. In Draco I like it even less as population seems to be an even more critical resource.
  10. Well without a functional BOMB order the DMX will have get their biological kill fix the ole fashioned way. They will have to land troops by which time we will be ready with our Tckon Imperial Assault Can Openers
  11. Greeting Draco Galaxy!! Has anyone heard anything about when this order might make it explosive return? It was listed on the Draco info PDF some 40+ turns ago as being inactive for recoding but that's the last we heard.
  12. were from different DMX sectors? I think it would be safe to say that you have opened a huge can of whoop arse on them DMX beasties. Well done!!!
  13. I would have liked to have seen a bomb but this works too
  14. Keep an eye on that nexus. It could possibly be the exit point of a one way WP.
  15. We have achieved 3rd Generation Space Science in Draco. My now defunct Andromeda position had achieved 8th.
  16. That's right there isn't a Mk IV GSW. I suspect this had something to do with shipboard cloaking tech going belly up at Type C. But I could be way way off. None knows for sure except Pete and he can be tighter lipped on that stuff then an oysters backside.
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