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  1. Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire has constructed the most impressive warfleet that they have come across in their travels (other than the dreaded DMX, of course) I guess this means The Fremen have attained the top spot in this category 😈 can also be read mess with us and our giant worms will tear you a new one!! 😂
  2. I don’t think that’s even a blip on the radar at this point. If it hasn’t been addressed in 10+ years it’s unlikely it ever will be.
  3. so begs the question... if changes were made would you consider running a position in Draco?
  4. Nothing yet. But no Status update does not bode well.
  5. Better break out the heavy duty sunscreen. You’ll be on that recliner for a while 😁
  6. Dead ends are those systems that have only 1 warp point leading back to the one you entered through. That’s very common occurrence when you find a large warp nexus line the one you found
  7. Apparently I did have a few battles 😈
  8. I suspect snail mail turns held things up. It I’m pretty sure they will be out soon😁
  9. We can neither confirm nor deny that 😁
  10. More efficient??? How did that thinking come about? Using strip mine, even the most advanced ones, are supremely inefficient. Only races that can grow many thousands of pop per turn can even contemplate using them to supply their empires resources.
  11. I’m pretty certain that Planet Crackers are gluten free as well 😁
  12. Ahh I see. Well it’s to late for one party. It’s already snowballed out of control for him. Just a matter of finding him and enslaving his planet. No easy task for sure but most enjoyable. And that’s one of the main reasons we play SuperNova yes?
  13. Looks like someone posts got deleted or they deleted them.
  14. So how does researching the required tech which will take a bit then colonizing the hazardous belt that is formed make it easy exactly? Sounds to me like it would be MUCH easier to colonize an asteroid belt that’s already there no? What about those players that just like to blow stuff up?? Not fair to them/me 😈
  15. No they haven’t. Those were hard fought gains by Irish 🐑 shock troops. 😈.
  16. Any particular reason as to why?
  17. Planet Crackers. I’d like to see them in the game as well. How about it Pete? 😁
  18. Nope not them at least not yet. 😈. They know where we are though so I’d expect them to come for us eventually. We will be ready for their pathetic invasion if it ever comes
  19. I’m Joe Sanchez and I live in Barnegat New Jersey 😊
  20. This fact alone makes particle weapons a very attractive weapon path and once you secure a good source of Caldaran crystals very inexpensive to construct
  21. This is the problem I was inferring. If your a race that has zero colonization bonuses like your standard human and your HW mean temp is 250 Kelvin as Hobknob states then good luck trying to colonize those VITAL asteroid belts without incurring attrition losses turn after turn after turn even with attrition reducing installations. If you chose to take a few negatives that affect your colonization ability then triple good luck, your gonna need it. If your a standard human and your HW mean temp is cold then your 'in like Flint'. This race will have issues trying to colonize the much warmer world
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