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  1. This is the problem I was inferring. If your a race that has zero colonization bonuses like your standard human and your HW mean temp is 250 Kelvin as Hobknob states then good luck trying to colonize those VITAL asteroid belts without incurring attrition losses turn after turn after turn even with attrition reducing installations. If you chose to take a few negatives that affect your colonization ability then triple good luck, your gonna need it. If your a standard human and your HW mean temp is cold then your 'in like Flint'. This race will have issues trying to colonize the much warmer world
  2. It appears DCS’s like engines and shields have not escaped significant changes. This discovery does not bode well for those races who can’t colonize easily.
  3. Looks like the Libyan war machine was very hungry this cycle. No less than 4 Portuguese held cities fell. In the north a fierce land air and sea battle rages as the enemies of the 🐑 feel the heat of massive 🐑 firepower. 😁
  4. And then some!!! We will now happily research imperial reforms. There isn’t a downside anymore. 👍
  5. I was hoping to see turns in my inbox in the overnight but alas there weren’t there. 🙁.
  6. Yup no hate for anyone here but that’s only because we don’t get mad we get even. 😈.
  7. It would take 192 billion iron to build the troop berthings required to transport that many troops. Without ICE generating that much iron would be exceedingly difficult. even with Deep Core Surveyors it will be a Herculean task.
  8. If Hobo doesn’t see the issue after those further examples then he never will. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. 😁
  9. Hobknob and I have made logical arguments as to why the limits would be bad. RTG has basically agreed but you have done nothing but complain and whine. Come up with a reason of your own as to why the limit is a good thing using your vast knowledge of 6 years of play. I’m all ears. This forum is for open discussion to better the game. It always has been. Join it in this regard and stop making personal attacks. I won’t respond on this forum I will respond in the game when we and my allies find you😈
  10. More artificial caps?? Maybe we should limit the amount of racial traits you can add to your lifeform with research or maybe we should limit the amount of iron you can mine per position? Etc etc. Hobo you must be new to SuperNova and as a newbie you have much to learn. This game isn’t about limits it’s about the exact OPPOSITE of limits. It is a space empire BUILDING game. There shouldn’t be any limits. Everyone won’t be and shouldn’t be the same and placing artificial limits tries to do just that. Doesn’t work in the real world and won’t work here.
  11. Still an artificial limit. Like Hobknob pointed out in earlier post why should a large massive position who got that way by taking advantage of its ability to colonize everything be allowed to sail his 10 gazillion ton battlefleet to an enemy HW and then be limited in his ability to crush that puny butterfly race into butterfly paste. Explain that to everyone’s satisfaction.
  12. That’s my guess too. There may even be beefier high end divisions. After all there is precedent. Fortress units are much bigger and so can Guards units. This would make them fall in line with their descriptions. 😁. Wishful thinking yes I know but I think it’s a good reward for researching down the ground tech trees to the 6th generation or more in several areas to even be able to build em. 😊
  13. Amen to that. Thanks Pete. Pretty sure that a database fix can be worked out well before that 2500 cap limit is reached. 👍
  14. Pete doesn’t want to leave it like it is. He is just trying to keep the database issues in Andromeda from manifesting in Draco. One major reason he shouldn’t is this depending on how you designed your race you will have a Defense rating of from .1 to 30+ or even higher. So with this in mind it would be IMPOSSIBLE for a race with a .1 or even a 1 or 2 or perhaps higher to defend itself against a race with say a 15 20 30+ etc. long term ground tech parity will be achieved amongst the races and then only this defense rating will make or break the fight on the ground. Guess who
  15. Exactly. If your a standard human or heaven forbid a puny butterfly race all the tech in the universe isn’t going to save you from our vicious warlike bloodthirsty 15ft tall nearly unkillable ground troopers. Your only defense would be never letting me get down to your planets surface.
  16. Agreed. I know this is the Draco galaxy but this is s bit too Draconian 😁
  17. To clarify It’s 2500 TOTAL divisions per position.
  18. That depends on the racial traits. All things being equal. ( one of them will be by this change) the race with better tech and better racial combat traits will always win the fight. Without this change the race with poor tech and poor racial combat traits might still stand a chance with massive numbers of troops Those of you out there with brain in jar races watch out. You guys get hit the hardest.
  19. Nope.. I don’t like this one bit. As a colonizer I will have zero chance to defend all of them against an enemy that could eventually drop 2500 troops on each colony. My race is also a very competent ground combat race but with the 2500 division cap it would be next to impossible to defend against another race equally as proficient in ground combat On the other side of the coin if you didn’t invest in ground combat tech or your race is weak in ground combat your only defense would be massive numbers of ground troops should it come to a fight on the ground. That doesn’t seem very eq
  20. There are still many players of SuperNova who must use the postal system to send and receive their turns. They are mainly folks who are serving time in federal penitentiaries.
  21. They are pretty small but PT stands for Patrol Torpedo and a bunch of them attacking at night can get pretty ugly to an unprepared enemy.
  22. The Spanish must have gotten word that something terrible had happened in xLugo as they sent the once vaunted 8th Air Force to investigate. Once there they discovered to their horror the remains of hundreds of B-17’s and over 1200 of once shiny new P-51’s. Those damned 🐑 screamed the Spanish air commander. Hit them with everything!!! He instructed. The 🐑 tried to find safe haven in the nearby mountains but the attacking Spanish B18’s were too fast and too numerous. The Irish 🐑 paratroopers we’re eliminated to the last 🐑. The damage was more then done however and the attacking Spanish aircraft
  23. VERY VERY busy. those jarheads got off just in time.
  24. not always the case. Destroyers and CV's are usually much too fast for subs to get attack position on. need to use those DE's or CVE's. or use those CV's and DD's but add a few slower supply ships with them. Unfortunately this detracts from the ASW score of the fleet. You will still get some subs for sure but I would have preferred an actual order to go sub hunting , not let the subs do all the hunting. The best tactic I think which will require the least amount of fuel/gen/munitions is to attack with small groups of shipboard aircraft and recon planes. ( one from each attack profile). 4
  25. BTW they wouldnt be such a pain in the backside if a certain offensive naval order was inexplicably left out. seems to me that during WWII the subs became the hunted not the hunters. Currently there is no way for a surface force designed for anti sub work to initiate combat vs subs. It ALWAYS needs to be the subs that initiate combat.
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