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  1. Its nice to know someone care to give such a gift This "free speech" you mention, it is some sort of doomsday weapon I suppose? A Weapon of Mass Destruction! /Locklyn
  2. Well all my conflicts ended peacefully...I mean it is really peaceful and quiet in my part of the galaxy...now perhaps I should reseed some worlds and do a bit of Uplifting to get someone to talk to again =) /Locklyn
  3. The 1 per 100 pop/popgroup rule applies here as well. Cheers /Lars
  4. I more than second that, makes finding your enemies so much more easy! A great contribution to keeping the galactic highways ordered! Cheers /Locklyn
  5. LOL That was what I once thought tractor beams and magnetic grapples could be used for and Pete alluded it could be done but all these years and about a kazillion battles later, I HAVE NEVER CAPTURED ANOTHER SHIP. They could be unarmed, almost shot to pieces etc etc but no, never. /Locklyn
  6. Sorry Paradigm, I was referring to Garys initial post but replied to yours. I could not understand what the problem he was posting about was. And as I said...having multiple positions COLBing in a row could be used to locking out the defender from counterattacking. Again my apologies if you thought I was implying you in my reply, it was for garys. /Locklyn
  7. The OC then DIV, ALL both takes an order block, so if the defender GATK's in the first order block while you are OC'ing the fresh divisions . . . I think after 1 turn an enemy population group should be fair game for the defender to GATK. How long do you think it should last? If a defending fleet arrives and stops further troop landings, do you think you should be able to come back 10 turns later and still have a beachhead on his homeworld? Why should an attacker be allowed to probe attack then wait a turn to see the results without risking the loss of his landing zone? This gives all
  8. Well he did say "late saturday" which technically means he has until 11.59 pm his local time. What I find more worrying is that despite setting aside an extra day turns take longer to run and Pete comes back with "big battles slowing down process". Is anyone seriously expecting there to be fewer or smaller battles in the future? What is Pete doing to solve that or is it just a slow spiral down until Petes computers lets out a hissing shriek and melts? Oh and yes, would be nice to get some confirmation on that emails have been received and read and acted upon by Pete... /Locklyn
  9. The Emperor today announced the loss of the Imperial Fuelling Ship Sweet Saviour as it was viciously attacked by an Underdeep Battleship in the Erine system, a known GGT system a far from the Albright system where the earlier incident happened. Fortunately its sister ship was of the newer models and quite capable of handling the Underdeep attacker but a stray shot from the enemy crippled the Sweet Saviour and she was lost with all hands. Despite the recent bouts of diplomatic attempts to quell a growing conflict this atrocious attack on fuelling ships made the Emperor appear at the Octagon and
  10. Would have been nice to know that there is a limit of EB/BI orders of 999,999,999 as well. Messed up my production big time as the entry program says nada about this and changes whatever number you have inputed to 999,999,999 without notice which sucks. What worries me is that if the program can't handle big numbers what happens when my Ships of the Line enter combat with their 10-20 million of tons of Mk IX force shields? Or my HW Planetary Bastions with 1,000,000,000 Tckon 68. Can we trust that the BE carries this properly? /Locklyn
  11. Russ n Pete I am happy you listened to the response from the player group in regards to this. Will you still be employing a formula that calculates losses dependant on the Tech of both sides of the Transfer through the gate? Continue the good work and thanks for being open to constructive criticism Cheers /Lars
  12. I just want my Android Workers, preferably Nice ones like Pris or Rachael and no Roy Battys /Locklyn
  13. Yeah, but you should see one of my 1,84 Billion Tonne FNDN IAS Journeys End, though my new 2,56 Billion Tonne FNDN is a deucy too. (Yes, I am Bragging, Showing Off, Letting it all hang out and generally Smiling Too Widely For My Own Good) /Locklyn
  14. I will just say this, I sure feel the love C'mon show us the Flag Nova Dreadnaughts /Locklyn
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