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  1. https://www.wired.com/story/multiplayer-gaming-envelopes-stamps-play-by-mail-history/?fbclid=IwAR1TI9FY84jp-s3fwKQ0kp65eWAVuBbC7GDjzyrX7yzmLHTFgb-3wuiQZa4 It's great to see Russ share some insight into the company and SuperNova, the game, in this Wired article. I am also interviewed this article about my advocacy work in the hobby.
  2. Thank you for the update, Pete!
  3. SuperNova.Wiki Updates for 11 November 2020 through 28 February 2021 Entries: Technology: 1st Generation Cybernetics 1st Generation Social Engineering 4th Generation Computer Systems FCS-1 Archer Fire Control Fanatical Population Heavy Sonic Disintegrator Light Pressor Beam Light Shaker Beam Light Shockwave Generator Mk I Antimatter Engine Mk I Defense Directorate Mk II Long Range Sensor Mk III Fusion Engine Type A Black Sphere Generator Type C Defense Screen Type C ECM Package Install
  4. @Hamish: Avalon sounds like Midgard, which is in beta testing for relaunch now.
  5. Welcome to the game. Thank you for taking an open position.
  6. PS: If you need to downsize your PBM magazines, please email me. : )
  7. I own this book, but have not read it. You can purchase copies on abebooks.com.
  8. @schmutti& @HamishAlas, I am only an American, although I am 1/8th Luxembourgian by ancestry. That's kinda like Switzerland's annoying younger brother? PS: I have been to both Zürich and Genèva and enjoyed the trips (two separate trips)!
  9. Ok, I jumped in...a new player to this game, although I do play SuperNova Draco from Rolling Thunder. Grüezi / Bonjour / Ciao / Tgau / Hello from Die Schweitz / Suisse / Svizzera / Svizra / Switzerland. It's so much work being a multi-lingual Switzerland! @dageraadSwitzerland is now taken. I have no information on the status of Sweden or France. Swiss Diplomatic Contact Info: raven@rinzai.com (open to all, but especially interested in adjacent neighbors - Italy, Austria, Germany, and France [presently unclaimed]). If anyone is willing to share their prior opening Swiss
  10. France, Sweden, and Switzerland? Are any of those reasonable options for a first-time player?
  11. SuperNova.Wiki Updates for 9 December 2019 through 10 November 2020 Entries: Technology: 2nd Generation Genetic Engineering 2nd Generation Species Engineering 4th Generation Medical Science Advanced Textiles Imperial Reforms Mk III Lightning Arc Generator Nuclear Transwarp Drive Tornado Generator Type B Science Lab Trizenium Flex Plate Installations: Deep Core Surveyor Fuel Purification Refinery Solar Power Plant Subterranean City Terraforming Station Thermal Transfer Center New Fe
  12. Raven Zachary in Portland, Oregon, USA. I play two empires in the SuperNova Draco Galaxy, led by Honored One Grey Raven of The Seekers of the All- Seeing Eye & First Citizen 00110001 of 01001001. I am also the author of: SuperNova: Rise of the Empire Player Aid SuperNova.Wiki I've been playing SuperNova since mid-2018, so I am still learning a lot.
  13. SuperNova.Wiki Updates for 18 November 2019 through 8 December 2019 Entries: Technology: Mk IV Jump Survey Sensor Improved Cargo Bay 3rd Generation Planetary Engineering 4th Generation Space Science Installations: Imperial Medical Center Microbiotic Decontamination Center Linear Accelerator Orders: Added more details about the RTD order. Topics: Updated the Colonization topic page. New Sections: Added a Draco Announcemnets section listing all GM announcements included in turn results. Infrastructure:
  14. Hello. If you are playing Empire #9041 Jade Ascendancy in SuperNova Draco or know who is, please contact me via email: raven@rinzai.com. Thank you.
  15. SuperNova.Wiki Updates for 2 November 2019 Entries: Added Draco GM Announcements back to 21 January 2016. Technology: Mk III Interceptor Missile, 3rd Generation Planetary Science, Medium Sonic Disruptor, Mk III Fusion Jump Drive, Advanced Transaluminum, 4th Generation Civil Engineering, Lightning Storm Generator, Mk I Thunderbolt Arc Generator, Mk II Lightning Arc Generator, Subterranean Fort Assembly, and Vananite Battle Armor Installations: Fusion Power Plant Complex and Improved Stripmining Complex Infrastructure: Upgraded to Wiki.js 2.0.0-rc.17 Upgra
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