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  1. It appears Canada has dropped.  So unless GB has picked up another TA, he's probably now running blind.  Thought you would want to know.

    1. Viking pilot

      Viking pilot

      Thanks for the heads up.  Ireland and Iceland will be happy.  

      Will you be looking for a European base/landing spot soon?  I think Iceland would be interested in having assistance going into Scandinavia (or perhaps the Denmark/Lowlands area?) after he and Ireland take out GB.  I think that will take place before you finish off Canada, but don't know exactly how you are set up.


    2. USA103


      I took xToronto and xSudbery this turn and will take xPembroke and xMontreal next consolidating control of all of southern Canada.  I have troops in Nova Scotia and will take xSaint James and xQuebec within the next 3-4 turns. and then it will just be taking the last of the non-producing cities.

      Is Ireland or Iceland on the Forum? 

      My biggest slowdown is of course the slow rate at which I can build Queen Marys to shuttle troops east.

      I have some SIM,POL results that show Lowlands, Denmark, Germany + Switzerland, Austria and Italy and all in a loose TA group.  Do you know the status of the countries east of them?

      How is France holding up?

    3. Viking pilot

      Viking pilot

      Ireland is not on the forum but Iceland is.

      I know about that bloc.  East of them Poland, Czech, Hungary and Rumania are fighting against them and have taken half of Austria and have taken Yugoslavia where Italy has now moved most of their army.  Denmark appears to have had most of its army in northern Germany supporting them but lost a big stack recently.  

      France is essentially dead, but Portugal has a large army in xBordeaux and Spain a large army in Narbonne to keep a foothold against Lowlands and Switzerland, respectively.

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