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    destroying aspirations through tactical use of plausibly deniable methods. World and/or Galactic Conquests. Using accents from different parts of the United Kingdom (ok, maybe not Wales) to annoy people at work and in my personal life. Games. Those are fun too.

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  1. That’s why my fleets are instructed to offer frozen custard to any new species…
  2. There are days I’d like to decommission my home 🙃
  3. unfortunately dropbox link does not seem to be working... thanks!
  4. To make next turn better, I will launch 1000 single ship attacks at a death machine mega fleet. That will help the turn run faster!
  5. it wasn't my fault! All I did was send in 300 order sheets
  6. definitely a lot of spreadsheets... have some monster ones. Tried to get a good xml extract set up to port directly in, but could not get that working like i wanted to. My problem was my spreadsheets lagged several months behind my turns, and by the time I got them in a form that I liked, I had a good 18 months of turns, so hence the need to organize the turns into the one file so I could verify what I had and had not done... I reworked the production spreadsheets in a way that made sense, linked them to ship design sheets, and planet data, and reorganized that a few times... D
  7. So... Always in the never ending quest to make the turns into data-ish... I did note that you can combine pdf's into one file, so essentially take your turns and merge them into one file, which does at least allow for searching for specific text. MacOS this is a native function. For Windows, found a freeware in the windows store called, appropriately enough, "PDF Merger & Splitter". It does seem to be helpful, and has helped me be more efficient at not ordering scans more than once... Probably less of an issue for long-standing players, but a
  8. Welcome to Draco, Creeping Doom (and to the forums). Definitely takes more time to get around in Draco...
  9. Thanks! Most of my BM's weigh much less than 2 million tons, thankfully... sorry could not resist... ran into a DMX battleship with one of my scout ships, it was about 5,000,000 tons, mix of 4th, 5th and maybe 6th? generation tech.
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