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  1. I never signed up. Was just toying with the idea when I had more free time than I do now.
  2. Thank you, Marklen and others who have reached out to me lately. Unfortunately, recent events at work mean I have no time to dedicate to any game beyond what I'm currently playing (and even that has been a challenge with some), especially in learning another new game. It may sound silly that you can be so busy at work that you don't have time for a PBEM game but that's the reality...
  3. Hi all, It was suggested to me that I post in this thread to find out if there are players/groups out there willing to work with someone who has not played the game before. In the interest of full disclosure, having not played it before, it's impossible for me to say if the game will be a good fit for me. However, if it turns out that it's not, I'd certainly do my best to withdraw in the least disruptive way possible rather than suddenly and without warning. With all that said, if you have appetite or tolerance for working with a new player, please reach out to me via PM. Thank yo
  4. PS: I guess if there are any such groups out there that would be willing to take on a new player for game 105, please let me know. Or if I should post this in some other section of the forum too, I'd be happy to delete and post there. Thank you.
  5. Thank you, Brian. That's sound advice. I'll give it some more thought. I've recently started playing SuperNova, which I'm fairly sure I learned about through the online Suspense & Decision magazine. That's how I learned about Rolling Thunder and eventually Victory as well. Thank you again, Vasco
  6. Hi all, I've been toying with the idea of playing Victory but I'm sure it would be a non-insignificant investment of time to get up to speed for someone who has not played before, and some of the posts I've read here in the forum have me wondering if it would be worthwhile. I know there's always hyperbole and some sore feelings in this type of game so I wanted to try get a better sense of what playing would be like rather than relying on me interpreting random posts. I have no expectations of winning, of course, or even doing terribly well really. So that's not the issue. I just would
  7. Thank you, Lugal. I think that's the missing piece to my puzzle. I was trying to get my results to match up with the excess power listed in the turn report. It looks like that issue is still present in Draco.
  8. I actually have excess power relative to what I expected so I either messed up the calculations (likely) or have a self-powered shipyard (not likely) 😁
  9. Thanks again. I must be missing something. My turn shows 100,000 power produced. I have 85,000 stripmining complexes and 100 shipyard. Yet my excess power is listed as 15,000?
  10. Got it. That makes sense as well, thank you. On a unrelated subject, am I correct in thinking that shipyards only user power when they are in use themselves? Looking at my turn report, I have excess power that I thought would've been used by the shipyards. And is that the case with other installations as well that they only use power when they are being used? Thank you again!
  11. Thank you, Hobknob! That makes perfect sense. My roundabout question was really about whether or not I could rely on items and materials produced/extracted on a turn for construction of installations the same turn, and the answer would be no based on your response.
  12. Hi all, Apologies as this has likely been asked before. I tried searching but couldn't find an answer (without digging through the hundreds of search results). Anyway, where does construction of new installations fall within the production sequence described in the rules: Power Generation Shipyards Fuel Refineries Resource Extraction Stripmining Complexes Industrial Complexes Other Thank you! Vasco
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