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  1. The Black Hole Dynasty welcomes all species on subspace frequencies. Our lines are open, and we anticipate a peaceful and mutual relationship for those of similar spirit and optimism.
  2. "If anything I would say the technology used in the program is not up to the demands the game is placing on it." A+ for succinctness and clarity. The next question: what can we do about it?
  3. Okay, we have a great interview in the works with someone I think everyone wil lbe interested in hearing from.... Joe will be accepting Submissions throughout the rest of the week....keep em coming!! Snrotenews@yahoo.com
  4. I wonder how old we'd all be if we were to play this game until one alliance wiped EVERYBODY ELSE out.
  5. Interesting move there Lars (crap no adequate smiley for the circumstances....INSERT pondering smiley, stroking his chin, with one squinted eye and one bulging eye)
  6. I completely second the idea on halting Middle East references in regards to this topic Wow..... I have the same respect for Valkor as I do ULT, as I've had the luxury of standing on the outside of their wartorn sector of space and processing both of their submissions to the Reader. But even 'peacenik' editors have to pick sides eventually. If forced to choose, I would have to side with Valkor if the 'backstabbing' only amounts to Valkor dropping positions next to ULT. A true backstab - in my book - is one where your ally publishes vital intel or shows up at your Homewor
  7. Well, I think the pace of SNROTE raises the stakes considerably on every stab. I can completely empathize with ULT and if the version of events is close to how WKE explains it, then he got S-C-R-E-W-E-D. As a long time Diplomacy player myself, I certainly understand the normalcy of backstabbing in these games, but with SNROTE I don't think its that simple. A diplomacy game lasts an evening of play, where you can rebuild your reputation over a beer that evening or in the worst case, after a week of begging and apology. When you get backstabbed in what has been accepted as an "empi
  8. For the record, the last two issues, in their entirety have been the results of one man: Joe Davalt! I've been SUPER swamped this month at work with a major trial approaching at the end of the month. I'll be in GenCon next week, however, and I think Joe has a major event he is planning for, too so I am not certain as to the fate of the newsletter. I plan to publish #16 on Tuesday night, to give Joe a break and to at least hove something for us to read that weekend as we wait for our Sunday turns. So, the deadline for submissions to this upcoming newsletter is: Tuesday August
  9. Boards have been SUPER quiet it seems this cycle. I take it everyone is enjoying their summer?
  10. We've submitted issue 13! More commentary later as I'm in a tremendous rush ATM but keep an eye out. I'll be double checking my email to forward the PDF version to those on the list. Have a great 4th of July weekend everyone!
  11. Not sure I see anything to suggest false advertising on RTG's part (at least through MY perspective) People are entitled to play as they wish and I for one and proud to say that the Spawn have yet to force their hand to war in what will be 100 turns! I dare say I don't foresee a war anytime within the next 100 cycles, either I heart colonizer positions Side note: even if I were outnumbered and out-teched and under massive assault, I would never quit until the last of my colonies were completely wiped into oblivion. that would be $12.00 a month I'd happily invest in maki
  12. We wish Terribly, terribly sorry. But...when one half of the press is getting married, and the other is invited to attend, our AI has trouble with formatting Holy cow gang lots of drama to pick up (maybe)...but send in the submissions...we'll publish what we received last week and get the ball rolling again! Please try to get things in by Thursday nights, by the way. Friday mornings have been amazingly hectic of late. We need Pete Questions!!
  13. Perhaps the Great Cat could channel through a separate empire? Does anybody have a second position they would be willing to transfer in a quieter neighborhood with players who prefer to work together? Isolating Gjor'haan with dropped positions offers some ironic justice, but in a way, isn't there also punishment for those who prefer to play aggressively if their victims drop early in the war? My head hurts. There is no easy answer TGIF!
  14. The Linear Accelerator installation, formerly impossible to research, has been given the prerequisite of 3rd Generation Space Science - if you have that technology, you can build Linear Accelerators. Straight from the mouth of Pete (or is that the fingers of Pete?). Change occured 26th Jan 2006 along when characters also got a boost. Magus666 just in case you weren't in game then: Administrators, who use their skills to resolve disputes, solve problems and in general make sure that everything runs smoothly. Army Commanders, who train local civilians to become militia or police
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