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  1. Missed that memo. Thanks Hobknob!
  2. To follow up, they are indeed surveyed and my gigantic and super-charged deadly t1 pathfinders made it through.
  3. Convoy Orders open up specific fleet designs for cargo ships, colony ships and fuel ships. There is implication that exploration could bring interesting results and it is useful to have designs for specific utility. I really like the 25,000 ton minimum, and with the designs I've been using/planning, I don't see any practical or game-altering restrictions. We should start a poll to see how many of us are stripping down the Bastions to use the components for other ships.
  4. The Black Hole Dynasty welcomes all species on subspace frequencies. Our lines are open, and we anticipate a peaceful and mutual relationship for those of similar spirit and optimism.
  5. I found this post AFTER doing my turn, and I presumed if I just tried to shove my PFs through, that it might work out. Here's to a fresh start! What I'm dying to know: how close are we all jammed in together?
  6. Nice to see you dudes! How come I have this feeling that planning turns from our respective retirement communities isn't as far-fetched as it was the last time this game opened up?
  7. Thanks for the review Paradigm. Howdy Hob Knob! So besides Cestvel, anybody else managed to clean up my old empires? Anybody else recently started or thinking about a restart? Be a shame to colonize all those shiny new worlds all by our lonesome.... As for Sins...going to hold off for a bit. Might look at the Galactic Civ II expacs instead.
  8. Maybe they are the moons that reside in every spider's...whatever a spider uses for a heart. :-) LOL Maybe the nine moons are what happens when a spider gets too rowdy at a frat party? I only require that the moons are Ewok-free...or the troops are going to have lots of plump cocoons to weave. Phasedragon is none other than Ed MOONey. BTW
  9. Spiders are crucial for a balanced ecosystem. I've seen lots and lots of lesser insect races back in the core, and beyond. Queen Phaedra does allow for diplomacy, however. No need to foreclose a trade route with like-minded neighbors. Question is....turtle for a year? Or branch out?
  10. Havent heard from Ed in a while. I second the caution in using that spreadsheet. It would have been awesome had his parser worked as designed, though.
  11. When in doubt...build Iron until you: a.) get a good spreadsheet going b.) develop Advanced stuff (Advanced CMs, Advanced Steel etc)
  12. And than people say, KomKa talk is difficult to understand. Since I have in my possession names and addresses of the old TN gang...I'm curious...care to verify your claim? Or is this Norm/Darrin being Norm/Darrin again?
  13. The whole plant thing...had to turn over a new leaf.
  14. Ok so here we go.... Empire Name: Proliferation Voluns Arachnida Fleets will be flying under the following banner: Green Skull Held Between A Pair Of Mandibles Description: A ferocious two-headed flying spider approaches: poison oozing from its mandibles, innards of another creature dripping from its heavy pincers. See you newbs soon!
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