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  1. Literally one second after posting that message mt turn arrived... Turns are in! 🙂
  2. No news is good news, one hopes?
  3. I feel fortunate to have found this community and game. May the New Year be a good one for all of us!
  4. If you have Planetary Citadel that has Fighter Bays and Drone Racks, do you just transfer over gunships and wild weasels to keep it supplied?
  5. If you look at the first ~30 messages from this thread, it shows it was every other week in 2003. Funny to look at those messages.
  6. If a storm knocks the power out where you live, getting the turns out is not your first priority ;-) Look at it this way, there is a very good chance that we will eventually get turns results. It could be worse...
  7. Oh, I am way behind then. I did not know Pete had moved,
  8. I suspect they would have said if there was a health issue affecting the turn and if it was a major computer problem they would have mentioned that. Huge battles looming? Hopefully not me. ;-)
  9. Despite what I have read about about number of jumps between worlds not closely reflecting absolute true distance between those worlds, my experience indicates a close correlation. There *are* special case where a jump will take you a very long distance but it a very rare occurrence and I suspect it only happens if Pete needs to warp the space time continuum. I build maps using jump points between systems and I also have maps that reflect percentage loss between universal gates. At max Universal Gate (UG) tech the largest loss is 10%. Anything above that number is not possible and becom
  10. Good weather in Aurora, CO today. So that is not the cause of the delay. Maybe huge space battles? Hopefully not ill health or technical problems.
  11. When you do an ORB of a world you get a list of previous research "hits". I not think I have ever seen a number greater than 80. YMMV.
  12. Hi there! I run SCINAT. You took over Joe's Zendo Mar?
  13. It is interesting what adds time and what does not. What is army counting? Is it done at ground combat time?
  14. There are a maximum of 80 exploration "hits" per world. It gets harder to find something useful the closer you get to 80. A hit can be either stuff, research knowledge, or a map (one random warp connection out of the ~100K connections I think there are in a galaxy). I have had various theories about finding better stuff with better ship equipment but I have never proved anything. I have a lot of data I could analyze though but I am OK with not knowing ;-)
  15. Since no one else has asked... How are turns coming along?
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