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OT: Apology to Techno Super Geeks.

Lord Uriel

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For some time now I have been oppossed to those of you who write code and use vairous programs of your own design to gain an unholy advantage over those of us who are ... illiterate in computer use beyond installing a new game. <_<


No more. This weekend a friend kindly explained to me some uses for Excel that were beyond my grasp. :pirate2:


This friend was patient and understanding of my loathing of new things, and now due to her benevolence, I too can write simple spread sheets to assist in the more efficent management of my empire.


So, it is with some remorse that I must submit an apology to those of you who are tech savvy.




Lord Uriel

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Apology gladly accepted, and welcome to the wonderful world of computer-assisted number-crunching.

We have to ask, though, how in the galaxy did you determine production for a homeworld-sized economy (with at least one colony, we have to assume, since you're a core race, aren't you?) without a spreadsheet???

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It's not too difficult to guesstimate production in batches with paper-n-pencil. You just have to be willing to wait a couple turns longer if things dont work out as expected.


However if you absolutely need as much ship tonnage done with 2 turns because of an imminent threat, there is no substitute for a production spreadsheet.

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Im one of those that pushes a pencil across the multitudes of data I have each turn. Spreadsheets??? Bah My spreadsheet is in my brain which I have trained well. So far I havent

run into any problems except perhaps the occasional over or underrun as Clan Elder Keen pointed out.


Its funny though. Doing all that stuff in my head with paper and pencil and sometimes wihtout

a calulator has made be better able to remember other things in daily life.I used to be very absent minded. go figure...


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