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How are you using this forum?  

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I'm just curious.


I fall into the "I try to use the boards as much as I can!" category but have been really really really really busy lately :(


It seems that battles are on the rise across the galaxy....but the forums are slowing down. I'm not sure why. Or am I wrong?


My theory is that people are afraid to post too much information here and give away their empire identity/strategy to others (makes sense) :ninja:


I also sense that some are just tired of the boards for a variety of personal reasons. I admit that I took things too personally at one point but I'm over all of that now. Competitive natures have a way of finding each other and banging heads. As I grow up, I realize its the smaller ego that walks away with less heartburn :D


Overall - I hope we can keep the boards interesting and positive. :cheers:

No more griping from this flower. Its really easy to dwell on what the game COULD be......but the game has been much better for me the past few turns now that I focus on what the game IS.


We all come to a decision with any game to commit...or jump....


I've invested too to give up on this game and its community. I'm rolling with the punches from here on out....the game is what it is and I'm going to make the best of it. I hope others feel the same way (well, in fact, I know many of you are still hanging in there and are loving SNROTE)




But thought I'd open things up for discussion. If you used to post here, and don't anymore...how could we make it better?

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I am in the camp of coming to the boards as much as possible.


In the beginning I found the boards and the people on them very helpful. Unfortunately many of them do not seem to come here anymore.


I still get valuable information on playing the game. Not individual strategies as much as overall ideas and occasionally a clarification of the rules. Hopefully as Pete and Russ get some updated information out there, the discussion level will pick up again.


Good luck to everyone no matter which side of the battle you are on. :ninja:

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I remain very keen on the game and still look forward to every two weeks coming around.


I still try to check the boards every day, but there is little of substance recently, which is one possible reason why things are then subsequently quiet.


I also, personally mind you, am not fond of much of the 'humerous', but really off-topic threads that have run recently, which, with the, over the top, rash of polls before Xmas was a real turn off.


For me this is a board to support the game and not a general anything goes discussion board. These are, however, personal views and haven't stopped me coming.


However, the big thing for me has been the lack of substance on the board and GM response recently. I think that there were too many things going on over the last couple of months and GM responses/involvement has been a little slow, for whatever reason. There are a whole number of outstanding topics still open on the board which have just never been commented on, sadly.


There have been, for me, a number of 'bugs' recently, but they've all been sent direct, as they may not be.


The one thing that is promised is the re-drafted Naval Combat Supplement and the changes to the Naval Battle results and subsequent FOBs. This, quite possibly, is the most important, to the community, issue just now and I hope it appears soon. I'm sure it will generate quite a lot of comment.


What I would really, really, like to see is open discussion of general issues here on the board, with GM comment. If they are then accepted, then they would be put into a 'pinned', GM-only thread, where progress can be reported.


This would be so much better than individally calling/e-mailing the GMs, except for turn-specific items, and hopefully free up much more of their time to spend changing and developing the game(s). General issues raised, added to and then commented on, would really make this a good board.


That, I think, would make this board what it should be and help make a brilliantly thought out game even better. I've no expectation that everything can be done at once, but I hope it can be done eventually.





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Part of the reason for the "off-topic" discussions is that we're all geeks of one stripe or another and some have no other geeks to talk to about geek things.

Heck, players of StarFleet Battles are mostly wargamers but they still have a whole "General Discussions" branch of their forum to cover... well, anything... and it's the most frequented part of the site.

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I think the problem at the moment is simply that there is very little going on that actually encourages people to write on these boards. I long to return to the days when Mr Nice Guy was on one side and Mr Evil Ba**ard was on the other, swapping insults. I know some people got upset, and some people took it too far, but it sure made it fun :ninja:

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A suggestion based on the comments of a few in this thread. Is it possible that Russ could set up a OT board for those discussions that are not game related?


This board could then become the game related RP section and the Rules board could be the one to address the mechanics of the game.


Just a thought. :ninja:


PS I agree that the large number of polls around Christmas got a little tedious. However I note that the frequency is way down.

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I read just about every post, but have little ability/inclination to respond or join in the more role playing aspects. I am very interseted in combat reports and insights into the game, but I fear that many of the more current insights may be too valuable for those in the "know" to share with the community in general. this is more thatn just the latest tech advance but some of those may also be included. When the next version of the combat primer shows up I imagine there will be more to talk about, but right now it is a little slow.



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