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BI and CON order sequencing


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Hi all,


I have a question regarding the sequencing and timing of BI and CON orders. In order to pose that question, I'll use a generic example.



Lets say I want to build additional industries on my HW, but that I have zero Construction Materials available (remember this is an example, so please don't respond with a "don't waste resources building CM's").


I will need to issue a BI order to convert raw resources to iron and lumber, a BI to convert to steel and timber, and finally a BI to convert the steel and timber to construction materials. Then, I can then CON the Industries.




My question is, can I issue the series of BI's to create the construction materials, then use the newly created CM's to build industries ON THE SAME TURN?


OR, do I need to issue the series of BI's to generate the CM's, then on the NEXT turn issue a CON order to use the CM's created on the previous turn (similar to building ship components one turn, then using them to construct a ship on the following turn).


Thanks for the help.


Oh, one other thing... Do convoy routes execute before BI and CON orders, or do convoy routes run after all BI and CON orders have gone out?



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You cannot execute the orders to build the materials on the same turn as the CON order. The CON needs to occur on the following turn to make sure the Construction Materials are ready.


The order of execution is on the website in the rules p. 4-5. Orders go first followed by standing orders followed by Convoy Routes. Power is generated, ships are started (from orders which are issued during the order execution phase so the items to build the ship must be in the stockpile) fuel is refined, mines run followed by stripmines, then production occurs. After that personnel are found/promoted, ships are completed and research is run. Finally babies are born.


I have probably missed a few items which I am sure will be corrected by those more knowledgeable in these things.

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In other words, CON orders kick off when you execute them, but BI orders just put something in the build queue to be executed in the "Production" phase Ali-T-Akua was talking about.

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Just scan down your turn sheet, the order things are appearing in are exactly in the order they are happening.


So, if you issue an order to BI something which was not already in stockpile, you know another order depending on that build will fail because the BI order hasn't happened yet. (The BI will appear where you input it but it isn't actually happening then, it happens in the Event Summary section which occurs after all the CONV routes run.)




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Unless the dependent order is another BI with a later priority.


Umm, BI orders execute per their priority after the orders, standing orders, CONV routes. It doesn't matter what order BIs are put it - just their priority.


We (sadly) can't use items constructed in the same turn as the order is issued, to answer the original question.



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We do it all the time. Example (syntax incorrect for the program, but easier for organics to read):


BI 1500 Iron, priority 20

BI 100 Cargo Bay, priority 15000000

BI 500 Steel, priority 100


There, we just made some iron (and steel) and used it on the same turn.

Note also (as was pointed out) that the order of the BIs doesn't matter, only the order of the priorities.

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