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First, I like the Calender of Events at the bottom of the Bulletin Board. Two thumbs way up. :angry:


Second, I would like to humbly request that you add an Estimated Day of Departure for the mailing of turn results. :unsure: Lately, its been pretty quick -- In on Wednesday evening, out by Saturday morning. However, life sometimes is cruel and it creates delays in processing turns (i.e. Sick Kids, Fax Machine meltdown, etc.). So as opposed to having a bunch of irate, slobbering, game junkies - such as myself - hammering the board with "Where's My Turn?" and "Have you heard from Pete?" posts, I thought just putting it on the Calender of Events would be nice. :D



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If there could be a thread posted so that Pete could just post when he expected to start shipping results (once he had a good estimate), that would probably save a lot of wasted time, energy, adrenilin (OK, I can't spell it), testosterone, and who knows what else. Even if it stops five people from calling and asking, it would probably be worth it.

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Generally we've been getting turns out sometime Friday evening so you shouldn't start yelling at your computer or working on voodoo dolls of Pete and I until early evening at best.


I'll do my best to give a general estimate here on the boards when we have a firm ETA.




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