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How do orders get processed in Victory?

Do they get processed one at a time for each nation until all nations have the first order executed and then it moves on to the second order etc until all orders are executed


Or do all 30 or whatever number is submitted processed for one nation and then the next gets all its orders processed?

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Fremen, My understanding is that the entire set of order for a given nation is processed and then the next nation. This is because some nations delay their orders so they can obtain intel from their Total Allies.

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Yes, turns are processed "nation by nation".

This simply means that in some cases, it's also a matter of luck if you get your turn processed before the enemy... and that's a situation you usually try to avoid.


What else is important?

Russ is not processing turns every day. He does the processing 4 times a week, meaning that some processing days can be split into a NORMAL (first batch) and LATE processing.

See his schedule below.


Be aware, Russ started to run turns later in the day now.

Please ask him directly, till when he usually expects turns.


MAIL FROM RUSS somewhere from 2012:


My schedule for Victory! runs as follows”
Turns for a LATE Friday, Saturday, NORMAL Sunday processing date need to be in by 11 AM my time Tuesday
Turns for LATE Sunday, Monday, NORMAL Tuesday processing date are due by 11 AM Wednesday
Turns for LATE Tuesday, Wednesday, NORMAL Thursday processing date are due by 11 AM Friday
Turns for LATE Thursday and NORMAL Friday processing dates are due by 11 AM Saturday.
Turn results for the various processing dates go out usually late afternoon or something that evening (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday).
Make sure you send in your turn and clearly state for WHAT DAY you want to be processed.
​(i usually state in the email something like: Yugo98 to process for normal Tuesday August 15)


If you send in as a normal Tuesday, and your enemy does also, there is a 50:50-chance that you will be processed first.

If you send in as a normal Tuesday, and your enemy does for a late, you will be in the first batch, definitely ahead of him.


Frement, if you have further question, just mail me on schmutti@rsnweb.ch

​I am not looking into the forum too often.

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