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ORB order doesn't add up!

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Just noticed (having spent a lunchtime wondering why my spreadsheet doesn't add up) that the new ORB order results (which I believe gives the total of employed and unemployed pop units at the pop group) does not appear to include pop units employed in shipyard slips. This one should be easy to fix ;)

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B) I knew I forgot to mention something last turn.


I did a PMAP on my homeworld and the Pop info was incorrect. I know because there's a lot of people in a Pop Group that is empty. :D


Pete, could you please check into this. I remember you mentioned the PMAP order gives you the total population (employed & unemployed) for each pop group, but it appears that its not working correctly.



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I wonder why Shipyard Slips are not treated as "normal" installations. They don't show up on your installation list, and get a special field shown on the Colony report. It strikes me as odd.

Because Shipyard Slips were one of the first Installations added to the game, and ended up with their own field in the InhabitedPlanets table instead of going with the much more flexible Installations referential table...and I didn't feel like fooling with a change on it at the time :ph34r:

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