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What are the System Requirements for SNROTE ?

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I though I would check what the system requirement are for the Turn Entry Program.


I am currently on a Windows 98 System (I have a newer one, but its running Star Wars Galaxies).


The program installed OK, and started up. I also started my Empire OK. It seemed to handle the Update Turn OK, but then died on an Error 7 (Out of Memory). When I started it up again, and tried the Enter Orders button. Same thing happened.


Update : Is seems this is a resource problem. When I have my turn open in the Adobe Acrobat reader, it fails. If I do not have my turn open, it seems to succeed. I think I will still ask the minimum system requirements, then I think I shall shoot Windows :)

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The program is a total resource hog. I've found I can run virtually nothing else under Win98 (which has poor memory management at best to boot) AND the turn program. Not Acrobat, not Excel, not even ICQ. I end up not even running Notepad, and printing out my proposed orders so I can enter them.

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