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I just contacted and discussed this with Grimor. It seems Glamdring is right.

The Air ECM values differ from Army and naval ECM

(chapter F., 7.1):




Green:____ -0.20

Line:______ 0.00

Veteran:___ 0.30

Elite:______ 0.60



It is a rare day when I am right about something, however the concept that an Elite transport plane can airlift 60% more than a Line unit defies several principles of aerodynamics.


Granted a leader or well trained crew can do amazing things but make a transport plance carry more cargo seams a bit far fetched. Perhaps they can organize and improve maintance and loading , etc... and get some increase in flight time but 60% seams a real stretch. My guess is that RTG did not intend the ECM to apply to transport aircraft lift capacity. Its real intent was for TAS and SB modification where in fact an elite crew could get a 60% performance increase over a mediocre peer. Yet again another unintended consequence of a good rule.



Do Naval cargo craft get a similar bonus. Does an Elite Libery AK carry 20% more cargo than his mediocre peer?

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