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Hello all,


Just a quick note to let you know that I've upgraded the board software to the latest version (1.2).


This is a final release version so I don't expect we'll run into any problems and I hope, in fact, that this resolves some of the minor problems that folks have been having with the board as well as adding some new features :rolleyes:


Take care & good gaming!




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Well, it looks like the blue IPB icons now change after you have read a post without having to click on a button. That's good


I still am not remembered in IE when I get to the site, but I usually am if I am coming in from Netscape 4.7x. Not really bad but not much better.


Some of the buttons have moved around - fine


I noticed there is now a quick login window on the front page. I don't know when that appeared, but it takes about as long to scroll down the page as is does to hit the login button and go directly to the login screen. It looks to me like this should also remember you username and password, but it doesn't. - shrug


Still an improvement over the EZBOARD even though there is a different set of "features". Once I get completely used to them I won't even remeber how much they have irritated me at the start of the board. :rolleyes:


I love the fact that I haven't had a single editted message get garbled or lost in the process. :rolleyes:


Keep up the Great Job Pete & Russ



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More feedback -


When initially accessing the board the last visited time is accurate even though I am not logged in. Evidently the board knows that I have been here but not who I am.


The read message thing now appears to be a bit trigger happy. From the main menu if you enter any category it will reset all of the new message indicators in that category. This isn't a big deal if you have read them, but is a pain if are just checking for a particular post and want to read the others later. This seems to happen upon logout and login.


Logging in and out doesn't seem to have any effect on being remembered so that is still broken - at least on my NT machine.



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I'm afraid its a bit more complex than that (see other "board login" thread). Cookies are allowed (and are present in the temp file), the board fails to remember whether I am at work (behind a firewall) or at home (no firewall). Doesn't work on Win95, Win98, Win2000. To confuse things further another In-vision board which I subscribe to remembers me fine at work and at home and on all operating systems.


Personally I think the data associated with certain users held on the board server might be in some way corrupted, there is just no logic to it! :alien2:

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