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I have been on numerous other boards that automatically note the date and time of any edits.  Is this a feature that could be turned on with this board?  It seems particularly releveant when trying to figure out why the latest message button puts you in the middle of a thread.



It is an optional feature with each edit that you do.


When you edit a post, scroll down a bit and you'll see an option called Edit Options where you can check off on the option to add the "Edited by..." line to the post you are editing. The line will include a date/time stamp. If the edit is a minor one (typo for example) you can opt to leave out the "Edited by..." stamp. If the edit is one that changes content then you should include the "Edited by..." stamp so folks are aware that the post content has been changed.






P.S. Minor edit made to show example of "Edited by..." line.

Edited by RTGRuss
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