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  • 1 month later...


This is a slow moving project. I'm sorry for the delay.


I've saved all the GM Notes to a file that has not yet been sorted. I no longer have my first 10 turns which means I don't have any of the notes that might be there. Any of the core players out there willing to help me out with this?


Lord Uriel

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Turn 4:


THE GAMEMASTER: Hello! I've added some code to give more details on fleets with cargo holds, colonial berthings - empty fleets are also listed. In the future I'll use this section to provide you with info on other game


upgrades as they occur. --Pete

Turn 5:

MESSAGE FROM THE GAMEMASTER: Several notes this turn: (1) The latest version of the rules (version 2.0) is now available on

our web site; (2) Auto Turns as noted in the v2.0 rules set will begin running on the next turn and (3) I'm having some eye

surgery in two weeks which would otherwise interfere with the normal turn processing. As a result I'll set the turn due

date for Wednesday December 4th. I would very much like to get the turns processed and sent out on the morning of Thursday

December 5th - if you can your next set of orders in by Tuesday the 3rd that would give me some time to get things ready for

a rapid processing cycle. Normally I get some turns in late on the night of the due date, which is generally ok...but for

next time it would help a lot if you could get them in early. Thanks in advance for helping out! If things work out well

for the Wednesday turn due date, we will consider keeping it on that day for future processing cycles as has been requested

by a number of players. --GM Pete

Turn 6:

MESSAGE FROM THE GAMEMASTER: Thanks for getting your turns in a bit early this time around - it really helped! A few

notes: (1) The ALL option is not supported in the TR (Transfer Items) order. You need to list each item that you want to

transfer, followed by the quantity. If you use a large quantity, like 999999999, the program will reduce it to available

stockpiles; (2) When transferring ships in an RN order, the ships moving into the target fleet will attempt to take as much

cargo (including Fuel) that they can. The RN order implies an even balancing between the fleets, but that is not accurate;

(3) You should not use the ED (Eliminate Design) order on designs that have existing ships either in fleets or shipyards;

(4) Single quotation marks are not allowed in ship design or Empire names --GM Pete

Turn 7:

MESSAGE FROM THE GAMEMASTER: Some updates and notes for this turn... (1) Hydroelectric and Geothermal Potentials now

increase production from their related Power-producing Installations; (2) Colonists are still reconverted back into regular

Population in the target Population Group after TR (Transfer Items) and OC (Offload Cargo) orders, but only as many as

actually arrive...any Colonists already in the destination Population Group are left alone; (3) Fleets that have at least 1

Fuel Tankage are given special attention in the Imperial Navy Report: Fleet Summary section when they have zero Fuel in

Fleet Cargo; (4) Fuel Tankage and available Fuel are listed in the INR: Fleet Summary section for fleets with Fuel Tankage;

(5) When building Installations that affect things like Colonial Attrition, Population Growth, civilian unrest or other

Population-related areas, building 1 per 100 total Population (employed and unemployed combined) is an excellent target for

maximum gain; (6) Fighters and Interceptors are now both space combat assets (the Fighter showed up previously as a ground

unit technology) Happy Holidays to all! --GM Pete

Turn 8:

MESSAGE FROM THE GAMEMASTER: A number of upgrades are slated for this month - I'll post more details next turn, and on the

Message Board as I make progress. Lots of cool stuff is on the way :angry2: --GM Pete



Turn 9:


THE GAMEMASTER: Lots of upgrades this time around! (1) XCTRN and XSKIM have been added as Standing Orders; (2)The DECF order now accepts the keyword ALL instead of a Fleet # - a 'DECF,ALL' order will eliminate all of your Fleets that


have no ships in one order; (3) The EB order will accept the keywords CLEAR ALL instead of an Item name - this willeliminate every entry in your Industrial Queue for the Population Group specified, in the single EB order issued; (4) Surveyed Warp Points now show up along with the destination system names in the entry program's MOVE order; (5) Researchableitems show up in the entry program for both the SRP and ANZ orders; (6) Pressing Enter or Tab after research center #25 in an SRP order no longer causes a crash; (7) Turn results now include details on all of your Fleet Battleuse; (9) Turn resultsare now in PDF format, eliminating the needfor the Snapshot Viewer :jawdrop: We'll be posting extensive details regarding the Convoy Route system on the web site in the next couple of days. Convoy Routes are very cool, and once set up, will save youan enormous number of orders :jawdrop: A detailed treatise on Warp Survey operations will also be posted. What's to come? Fleetto-Fleet Cargo Transfers and Delete Standing Orders are on the top of the list.

IMPORTANT NOTE: starting next turn,Research Center # 1 will become the most likely center to receive saved setup points, taking over the primary duty from Research Center # 2 as it is now. In unusual cases it is possible for saved setup points to be directed to other thanResearch Center # 1, but as happens now with Center # 2 - slot 1 will be the primary focus. This begins on the January 29 turn. A new entry programwill be sent out to support the new features from this turn in a couple of days. --GM Pete


Turn 10:


THE GAMEMASTER: Whew, I was sick for a week and didn't get as much done as I wanted to. However, work is stillprogressing well on the new SUPP order and Fleet-to-Fleet transfer routines. For you explorers out there, note that setting


up huge numbers of fleets on XEXPL duty will still generate finds, but to discourage a possible exploit (using massivenumbers of free standing orders to produce research points), excessive numbers of XEXPL orders reduces the number of research points gained from succussful finds. I don't like putting in artificial caps like that, but it's necessary to keepresearch fairly even between Empires. To take a Fleet off of a Convoy Route, issue a CONV order with the key word NONE as the name of the Convoy Route (and you can't create a new Convoy Route named NONE). Also note that the cross-system ConvoyRoute example shouldn't offload ALL at the colony world...because then the fleet would dump its Fuel into the colony stockpiles. Alternatively, you could still use OC ALL, but then reload the Fuel in the LC order that follows. Finally,I'll take a look at putting together a discussion document on Installations in the coming turns. Lots to do! --GM Pete

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