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I have thoroughly tested the new message function and have a few observations. When you click on the little arrow that indicates there are unread messages it doesn't take you to your last unread message. Instead it seem to take me to the first unread message that I ever had in that topic. FOREX - If a topic has 4 messages and the first unread message is number 4 then the first time I hit the button I go to number 4. However, on the next day if there is a new message and I click the "go to new message" button it takes me back to message number 4. As a result you really don't ever get to the new messages after the first time. This can be a bit irritating as you reread the messages you have already read or even come across the ones you yourself have posted.


Kinda along the same lines - Is there a way to have the unread messages rise to the top of the list? That way as you read them they keep scrolling up to the top?



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