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Calling Player 3535


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Initiating broad spectrum subspace transmission....


Greetings to All beings. We, the Exelonian Concordium (#3833), are attempting to contact the race known as #3535 - NSI Napatha Solarum Imperium. The ships of this race are known to sail the universe with the symbol 'Ebon Field; Crimson Gauntlet Seizes Argent Galaxy' emblazoned on their sides. Exelon Concordium has encountered a Fleet Scout of NSI around Chlodmer - 1. There was also that unfortunate incident involving the NSI Cruiser and an Exelon Pathfinder at the warp point in Diocles (and if you would be so kind to return the bodies of the pathfinder crews the families will be able to grieve in peace).


We have attempted to contact the NSI #3535 using the REA process. But the computers continue to flash the message "The target Empire either does not exist or has its Privacy Option set to prevent successful Request Empire Address orders".


We respectfully request that #3535 NSI contact Exelon Concordium (w.engler@comcast.net) as soon as possible. Or, any empire with information on this race, please contact us ASAP as well.


Note: This now completes a chain of four connected races. NSI to Exelon to GSC (Golden Sun Colonial) to the empire of Honored One Diaz ... and I suspect some interconnections may exist in this list to make things interesting. Man, the universe is getting crowded...

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Plea to GMs....


Please can we have the SEND MESSAGE order that's mentioned in the rules?


If two-thirds of players aren't on the board, we need a way of contacting them.


Or are you willing to forward e-mail's (if they're on e-mail?)



You can send an email to me and have me forward it for now. I can't confirm whether a position is inactive or not and I can't promise that you'll get a response :alien: but if it is possible, I'll see that the email gets out.


Send to my Russ@rollingthunder.com address.






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Thanks Russ.


Also .. what is the default privacy option when starting the game? I know I've never set the privacy option on myself.


AND .. as for running into other players, if all you have is short range sensors on your ships, you need to be in the same spacial area to detect. So far I've encounterd the players at warp points and in one instance circling a planet. In other words, each planet and warp point in a system can be seen as a map point. And if you and another player are at a map point together, you'll see them and get a Alien fleet sighting message (or get shot at if their set hostile like NSI's warp point defense cruiser).


The two races I've run into have been 4 and 5 warp points from home. I have no idea how far to their homes from their. The more active your explores in the 3/5 range, the more likely to find a friend or enemy.

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To: Exelonian Concordium, Empire #3833

Fr: CaoCao the Wicked, Empire #REDACTED

Re: Dioclesian Incident


Dear Sir or Madam,


We are most apologetic for our tardiness in responding to your missive. Until recently, we worried that it was to ourselves alone whom we spoke. Confirmation having been provided contrary, we now resume communications.


At this time, we are unable to confirm or deny that we are the race you met at Diocles and Chlodmer, on the grounds that it may effect national security. Not to say that it will or will not effect national security, simply that it may.


The Heavens have placed us at liberty to say that were we a party to the aforementioned incident in the aforementioned system, we would be unable to comply with your request for repatriation of crews. They may or may not have been most YUMMY, perhaps (or perhaps not) especially so fried with ginger and garlic, and may not have lasted past Sunday lunch.


The Heavens inform that your "Dahak Class Frontier Cruisers" would make most suitable conveyances for future deliveries of YUMMY SNACKS. (In fact, a cottage industry has arisen painting "Dahak Class Frontier Cruisers" and "Exelonian Concordium" on the sides of pizza delivery cars.) Diocles is a most convenient location for delivery, the Heavens request you arrange for as large a shipment as possible in three turns time.


We Remain,


CaoCao the Wicked


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Once more I call on Player 3535 Napatha Solarum Imperium [Ebon Field; Crimson Gauntlet Seizes Argent Galaxy] to PLEASE contact me. I do most humbly apologize for

1) Destroying your Two Pup E light cruisers

2) Destroying your Seeker Fleet Scount

3) Killing the character Pioneer Estella Adora In Aeternum *RIP*.


I made a mistake setting up my defenses on my side of the Warp point and jumped one of my ships into Diocles. Sorry for all the destruction.


Note that I did try to reach you several times through this board, a message through RTG, getting your address from the order in game. But, nothing has worked. Heck, I reached the point I thought you were a dropped empire (imagine my surprise to see two light cruisers instead of one when I came through the warp point -- indicating you are either active -or- the AI in the game for dropped empires is pretty good).

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And as for CaoCao (or whomever assumed the identity)


Order received for one Dahak class ship to deliver Yummy Snacks to Diocles system.


Multiple salvos of Yummy Snacks were delivered into the awaiting 2 Pup E Light Cruisers in Diocles. Unfortunately the Pup E ships were unable to hold the order as placed and broke up trying to handle the massive delivery load.


Remainder of Yummy Snacks order is sitting in Diocles awaiting the chance to complete delivery of the order. Please send more Pup E ships for pick-up.


(Sorry folks, despite the battle being an error on my part, I couldn't resist this).

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I find it interesting that the GSL, professed White Hats of the Galaxy, would make such a "minor" mistake as issuing a Warp order thereby starting conflict with a neutral empire.


Does not the GSL respect the territorial integrity of neutrals and/or player empires?



Based on your commentary you sent a lone ship a few turns ago and were shot up. You then made a "mistake" and jumped a combat ship through the warp point.




Interesting take on the "white hat" concept.


Always enjoying GSL dialogue.

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