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possible modification to printout


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Good idea Hobknob! Also is it absolutely necessary to have three different places for fleet reports? Could they not be combined into one? And is there a way to denote fleets carrying leaders and what if any Standing Orders that fleet has on the fleet report. When you start having hundreds of fleets it gets disorientating :thumbsup:



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Would it be possible to have listed for each fleet how much cargo space is left empty?  It is real pain to have to track down every item you are carrying just to find out how much space you have.  This is especially relevant when collecting unknown items with the explore fleets.



Ah...good point Hobknob. The new Exploration situation does make available cargo space a bit of a mystery at the moment ;)


Pete is working on the code so "current cargo / max cargo" will be a part of the Imperial Navy Report: Fleet Summary section (as is done with fuel). Barring any problem that code should be in place for the Sept 24th cycle.






EDIT - Pete is doing final testing on the cargo calc now so it should be in for the next turn cycle. Also looking to add an indicator for fleets that are on Convoy Routes (and which ones) so that should be in as well. -- Russ

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Cargo load calculation is in now, along with the name of the Convoy Route that a fleet is on - these show up in the Fleet Summary section. Cargo load looks like the current Fuel load - instead of saying Cargo Bays: 10,000 it now says Cargo Bays: 5,280 / 10,000 for a fleet that has 5,280 tons of cargo currently loaded.


I'm looking at doing the same thing for fighters, drones, troops, colonists.

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