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:) I noticed that when you push a nation player out of the game, the computer takes over the position. After a tough fight to knock down CLAB/CHAB defenses down to zero, imagine your surprise on the very next turn when your LCIs sail into the massed guns of 100 CLAB and 50 CHAB and 1500 LDBs waiting for you!

Only way around it is to start the CB process again. Even better, create a large CB force to knock down the defenses and then sail your LCI/LSM force in. The twist...put BBs, HCCs, and other CB ships in with the amphibious assault. That is the only way to overwhelm the computer defenses.

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Very true - the computer builds defenses, particularly fixed defenses, with a single-minded determination.


You can use coastal bombardments & strategic/tactical bombing to soften up the fixed defenses a bit but this is generally difficult since you can't target fixed defenses directly and have to be satisifed with colateral damage. A computer-run opponent, in addition, will rebuild fixed defenses as fast as it can (the same rate as players can) so you pretty much need to soften up and attack in the same turn regardless.


Generally speaking, the best bet for an amphibious assault is to assign your warships to a naval escort attached to your amphib force. Issue your amphibious assault order and your amphibs will move in - the presence of coastal batteries will immediately result in the amphibs pausing while the naval escort moves in to engage the coastal batteries. The amphib force is not involved in this battle. If the naval escort force is successful in either destroying or silencing the coastal batteries then the amphib force will be able to move in and land marines with no further interference from the coastal batteries.


If you go without a naval escort then your amphibious force will start moving in toward the beach while under fire. Damage from a previous bombardment may have reduced the strength of the coastal batteries but any batteries left will open fire (i.e. silencing does not carry over from battle to battle). Warships present within the amphib force may well destroy/silence the batteries regardless (depending on their relative strengths) but you will be exposing your amphibs to coastal battery fire. If the batteries are not destroyed/silenced in short order - your amphibs will attempt a murderous run through fire to the beach. Losses are likely to be heavy and the entire attack may be aborted if casualties get too high.


So...always go with the naval escort method if possible. Keep your amphibs out of harm's way as much as possible - they usually don't stand up well to shellfire :)

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