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Lukas, thanks for the maps as always!



On the diplomatic chart:


* Central Russia is no longer played


* Light Blue is no longer at war with orange (was only with the US who is now absorbed)


* you can turn the red remnants in Sweden and Norway colourless and change the arrow between Light Blue and Red into a very thin one. Apart from some rearranging the border between Finland and Northern Russia, they're at peace


* you can remove the arrow between Red and Green


* Orange is only still fighting a 1-on-1 war between Ireland and GB and a 1-on-1 war between Morocco and Egypt, so those two lines can be thin


* Grey and Dark Blue should have the thickest war-line in the game. :D:cannon:


* you can remove the war-line between Dark Blue and Red (as Central Russia is computer-controlled)


Basically, as far as the alliances go


* Grey is at war with everyone except the UAE-Brown


* Dark Blue is at war with Grey (thick), Orange (thin) and eating up the remnants of Brown (is he still fighting?) and Cenral Russia.


* The other alliances are all fighting Grey or no longer active/aggressive.

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For now enough, Lukas. But it will soon getting a lot bigger, listening to the remarks of our cancellor. I like that confidence.


For now i'm just thickening the arrow between Light Blue and Grey by one war per turn... you are still too far away. :P

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UAE has dropped a long time ago.


Then what's taking your allies so long? :python::beer:


I think Persia is trying to conquer the entire UAE with 1 Marine division.....


It's all I need :woohoo:

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Tsk, tsk... Persia bombing Spanish Morocco... what is the world coming to... France, bring out the Lancs and retaliate over Tehran!!!

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Our department of raw materials anounced that Turkish miners found huge amounts of LGT ore on several locations in the Ottoman Empire. These important findings will boost the aircraft production. They will be necessary to deal with the evil grey empire :alien: that lies like a shadow over poor europe

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