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Hello to all the people who want to spend their lives in peace.


Why not come to the lovely isle of Eire? The food is plentyfull we have pletny of :beer: and a lot of factories that would love to have you!

And be assured: they will have you one way or the other...


See you on the continent!


President Liam O'Beery

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:( Poland, there seems to be some kind of mix-up. I don't believe I ever invited you to come and visit. Sorry for the rude bump out. :woohoo: You must think I'm dangerous or something. You practically have everyone or your troops at my border. :o I know I didn't say anything wrong, especially since my back is still sore from the knife you stuck in there. :cheers: Please have a nice day....while you still can.


Hi Hungary, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Czech. I only ask that you please don't come back or else there may be....trouble. :lol:


Austria, :blink: - sorry, access has been denied...again. :ph34r:



So how is the rest of the world doing? Feel free to share information and spread rumors :o



Czech Commander-in-Chief


P.S. Just ignore the lady on the left. :lol:

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Hi Queen Azuth,


The knife you refer to is nothing more than being politically out maneuvered!! Closely look back at our correspondence and you’ll see I NEVER agreed to ally with you. What I said was I look forward to a United North Central Europe. Sorry if you felt that included you!!!! :)


As for not being invited, you are correct. By the way, how well does your army fight at 34% effectiveness? :thumbsup:


Thank you for your well wishing, I’m having a great day and am looking forward to even more! Hope you have a good day and hope to see you in another game soon!! Looks like this game is toast for you!


Good Luck,



PS. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one!

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Does it matter who is running Poland now Czech? All you need to know that the bumbling bozo is gone, and let us say... Ah yes, we staged a coup and now there are some hand-picked rulers that are much more willing to do what our alliance needs. So... Expect him to take out the rest of your nation. Are you ever going to come out of your rat hole and fight? Or so we need to send in the Ju-88's?


-Ted, your fav Austrian :alien2:

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