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Canada is 2/3 gone.


What is Icelands intensions?

Breaking TA with Portugal is proving very difficult.

Food is scarce.

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Hi Kurassier,

Glad to hear all is well with you. Poland would like to be placed in the competitive bidding competion to win the contracts for the design and fabrication of all your personal monuments and statues. Our craftsman are the World' best and worthy to work hard and long dedicated hours to capture just the right image of a magnicificant Leader such as yourself. Our rates are competive, and we even offer monument insurance at an affordable rate. Of course we also guarentee our creations. If we do by chance make an error we will of course at no charge to you or your kingdom fix the error. Even if we have to do it over, and over, and over, and over again til we get it right. We are after all Polish........but proud of our hertitage




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Great! Now all we need to decide is the size, quantity, and materials to be used. I seem to have an ample supply of scrap metal so we could go with that (cheapest material available), and with the arid climate almost rust proof. Or we could go strictly marble (this however is extremely expensive). We would simply have to go and take it.......lol, however there may be a used marble supply readily available. For me bronze is overrated but could be made available upon your request.

All we need to do now is negociate an amicable payment. unfortunately we do not except Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. Cash is always welcome, but a downpayment to seal the deal would be required.....say 15%. And as your such a valued customer shipping will be arranged at no expense to you!



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I have to sell some high quality scrape metal pieces from PZII tanks. The pieces are of high quality and freshly produced. Any potential customer is invited to pick them up in Finland where they will be deployed soon. Requests of potential buisness partners are welcome.


Tsarina of NR

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