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Just an update - we still have tons of turns to enter and get ready for this week's run.  Shooting to finish this Draco cycle some time probably later on Friday so no chance today (Wednesday) and extremely unlikely tomorrow  🚀

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2 hours ago, Sandarbian said:

Did I break the game again?

or better yet....

"Did I do that?"



Probably not just you. I suspect Draco is much more violent then andromeda ever was and the resulting multitude of both space and ground combat are bound to slow things up just a bit. Someone once told me that a huge space battle in Andromeda once took almost a whole day to run. 👀

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I agree that it is more violent in Draco, but the battles should be lightning fast in comparison.  Large fleets are non existent, ships are small by comparison etc., One of my battles in Andromeda lasted 29 hrs according to Pete but it was over a Trillion tons of ships with thousands on both sides, millions of fighters and every ship using shields so there was little early attrition just swapping shots.  Draco should be speedy by comparison I would think.  Biggest battle I have heard about have not topped 100M total tonnage or 1000 ships on a side. 

If there are bigger battles the participants should be bragging, hint hint....



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3 hours ago, Sandarbian said:

OK, Friday morning and no turn back yet means someone pulled out the big stick and is whacking someone over the head.


It’s more likely that a couple people with big sticks met up and proceeded to beat each other over the head. 😈

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