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On 8/4/2020 at 7:26 AM, hobknob said:

Here are a few.  Each design type has a lower and upper bound for tonnage then there are a few other things that can change a designation depending on what components you have in the design.  In Draco you see lots of express boats and blockade runners since you need so much tonnage in engines to get a higher AP design.  There can also be multiple designs in the same tonnage range.  For example a CVB (bantam carrier) is 25k to 249k and a CVBA (bantam assault carrier) is 50-249k but it has armor.


anyway here are a few;

CO - 25k

FF - 25-49k

DD - 50-74k

HDD  75-99k

SDD 100-149k

SDDZ 100-?

CL - 150- 249

FC - 250-399

CA - 400-600

SCA 600-749

CCA 750-999

BC 1M - 1.249M

WC 1.25 - 1.499M

SC 1.5 - 1.99M

BM - 2M - 2.99

BB 3 - 7.99M

DN 8-14.9M

BDN 15- 19.9M

WDN 20-49.9M

NDN 50M and up


I have long argued that these all need to be inflated by a factor of 10 since you get out of all the cool classifications by the time you are actually building stuff you want to use.  Many of the higher end weapons are bigger than an entire ship until you get o CCA size and larger.


Anyway, there you have it.  Not much has changed in Draco that I can see.


I think it would be cool if the Ship Designations where based more on the size of the Empire's Navy.  As reflected in how the US Navy Ship Size has progressed.  As example WW I Destroyers are smaller then WW II Destroyers. 

As the Nation's industry progressed, Naval Tonnage increased and max size a ship that could be built increased; so too did the brackets for ship designations. 

Begin with set minimums such as the table above.  Based on some percentage spread of total Naval Tonnage.  When the empire's navy hit some threshold, the min/max on each bracket would increase to match.

Set an initial "cap" at 100m tons.  Then when the total Naval Tonnage exceeded 1B tons, Destroyers would have a spread of 500k-749k, Corvette would be anything below 250k with Speed 75% of Empire Max.  Dynamic Ship Designations. 

But unfortunately it would increase database size and require some off-line code to be run -- maintenance stuff that would run outside of turn generation.  Required to compute an empire's navy size between turns; set the Ship Designation brackets.

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You can always name your own ships and ignore the automatic class name eg include "Destroyer" or "Cruiser" as part of the name. In Andromeda, I called my largest ships Battlecruisers eg

"Battlecruiser Oates"

"Battlecruiser RF Scott"

"Battlecruiser Mawson"

Even though the program called them Flag Nova Dreadnaughts.


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Yes and I do.  I was playing Devil's Advocate above; but also floating an idea that might spark a more clever mind with an even better idea.  My ideas usual involve long ponderous computations.

I am currently working with Destroyers and Cruisers, and a Strike Carrier or two.  Have my own naming conventions and abbreviations.  But for ship class vs individual ships.

So I have a DD - Class, DDX - Class & a DDE - Class. 

Anyway thanks for the words of wisdom Lord D.  Have a good evening.



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The current system would be much better if inflation were to take hold for a bit.    Originally, ship size was limited to 1000 tons, however it does not appear that anything was changed for minimum of 25k tons so you quickly get through the small stuff and get to the larger ship types before you really get to anything of real size.  


For my self, I would like to see a BB come in at something like 20M tons, a  DN at 50M and the smaller ships all stretched to fill in below that.


In Draco it will be rare for ships to get too huge with industrial bases constrained as they are.  So, it seems reasonable to pick the biggest ship designator, Flag Nova Dreadnaught  and park it at 100M tons and then fill in the rest from 25k to 100M so there is a good spread. 


It would be work of course, but it would be nicer in my view.



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