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Hi Friends,


hope to see you all on this board.


I see Portugal has joined in the game and is now trying to get his hands on Belgrade.... Maybe he wants to join in the games there also.... Un fortunately al the wimmen have left aftr the visit by Denmark... So there is nothing left to do for your troops there.




Generalismus Peter.

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Hello Peter,


Yes, Portugal has entered the game and Belgrade. It seems that Turkey does not want to be left out of Belgrade's party scene. My T-34 officers reported many loud noises while sleeping off a hangover from poor yugoslavian imitation wodka. It seems some vandals were throwing rocks at my tanks. Officers will now be on the look out for rock throwing :o vandals.


Until later,

Dai Shan of Portugal

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Dear Dai Shan...

I am very sorry and do apologize having cut your vital rail-lines in northern Spain :thumbsup: . It's nothing personel against you... you're still my pal :taz: ... but what else should i do down here? Fighting poor little frontiers in Algeria? Berb-tribes in Southern Lybia?

Please, don't be mad on me and gimme the chance to have some things to do here. And just a few bombers can't never end our friendship... As those bombers eliminating my marines can't do either... :unsure:

Don Pedro

Owner of Western Africa

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Dear Friends,


I hate to see two friends argueing, and also that some things are mentioned that are not completely true. It wasn´t just Egypt that made Portugal upset by bombing away the northern Spain supply rail. I will take the full responsibility, at least for the part I bombed away. But I´ve the one great advantage over Egypt, I wasn´t a friend of Portugal from the start anyway. So from now on I will do my upmost best and effort to assure that the idea of an eventuall friendship will never bother us two countries.


You can read more about me on your battle reports.


Greetings Rednas

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general rednas,

  it is good to see new blood on the board!  as long as everyone is apologizing, i must admit that a few of my planes may have veered off course, sorry about that, they were meant for my new playmate turkey. 

-commander of denmark

Seems to be bad Vodka in Belgrade.


Porutgal Seeing rock trowing Vandals, Dannish missing thier target by a continent. What's in this yugoslavian Vodka???

Maybye some secret ingredient we don't know off???


I'll send some one to belgrade soon, to find out...

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Go Norway....


Finnaly a sollid ground in xAlborg???? I suppose Denmark doesn't like this....


Generalismus Peter, you should ask Baltic what HE thinks of my Spitfires. :blink: One group of his Ju-88's had to abort their mission after meeting them. :)



King of Scandanavia

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