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I was thinking that the best improvement in the game right now would be to implement a panel of advisors similar to those in Civilization or Sim City who alert you to impending disasters and shortfalls. For example, if you were in need of some type of building such as a sports complex it would tell you somehow. Or if you designed a ship poorly your naval advisor would let you know and offer a better suggestion. I know that this would involve tons of coding so I don't really expect that this will be implemented directly into the game, but I thought I would mention it for possible future improvements.

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My idea on this was to have a "breakthrough" similar to those providing either production or research benefits, but this one would be an "advice" breakthrough which would comment on some aspect of game mechanics related to the specialty involved.


For example, the Archpriest who says "If you had more Temples, blah, blah, blah."


Very similar in concept to what you had in mind, I think. Of course after awhile, you just tend to ignore the advisors in Civ, and you might here too, but it would be a nice addition I think.

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