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New map:

Good turn for the red alliance
Mixed results for the rest,  with the exeption of Hungary-Austria-Czechoslovakia which is under siege and turtling up. 
and occasionally biting back. 

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New Map
- Further losses to the Violet alliance in Africa and the middle east. 
- The red empire seems poised for world domination and do have a lot of options. 
- The war between the Southwest alliance and blue intensifies.  

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Well, lots of things happening but I do not always know their meaning. 
- Algeria and Tunisia seem to be dropped with Libya and Morocco taking over theri positions. 
- If they make some kind of deal from this it will have consequences. 
- The RedAlliance is taking the lead, with blue and 

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It seems that air assaults are very popular this game
The RWE are not being clear, but "Red"  appears to be running in front.  


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Well, its time for that honoured tradition: 
A New Map

were I make mistakes, draw frontlines were there aren't any and draw conclusions made on a certain lack of information. But those viewers of the forum that are not in the game might get an indication on what's happening. 

And the propaganda-heavy conclusions: 
- The Glorious Austrian-Hungarian-Czech empire claws back a city, in revenge for xInnsbruck. 
- Paris finally falls to the Western Mediterranean Empire. That took some effort. And Italy made peace with Red. And there is some diversion in France. It is daid that "The British remain stubborn wasting valuable assets on a lost cause instead of joining the real fight! Soon they will regret that decision." 
- xAbu Dhabi fell (again) but this time is the last time? 
- No news from the new world.
- Southern Russia probably has a lot of HT groups. Like Northern Russia. 

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The war betweenthe USA and Canada seems to be coming to an end, leaving the questions were the Canadians will go next. 
That, and the progress by the Southwestern Alliance, will be a problem for the Pink team 
Red proceeds in taking over Purple while Czechoslovakia takes back a city, and finally makes peace with Germany. 
The Germans will be relieved!

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