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With the news that 6 home worlds fell this turn I am left feeling inadequate.  I know of a vacated home world some 6 warps away from my position and I am still quite a few turns from beginning my preparation to conquer it.

I am left with the question.  Have I been playing poorly or are these other seemingly successful races just super-brains with highly advanced tech?  I lean towards the ground pounder end  of the spectrum but have few negatives and no positives to my intelligence. My signup/setup shows my race to have a tiny +1 Research Bonus.  Is that a sufficient excuse or have I played my hand weakly?


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My understanding is that a number of the positions that have thus fallen are either dropped positions or are positions that are being "absorbed".  By absorbing I mean that the owners of both positions is the same person. I know of several players who have traded for connecting empires so that they can absorb them.  This means that there is no practical defense except for the starting bastions that Pete hard coded.  for just about any other position going down I would think that it would take the combined efforts of multiple empires to do the job.  


It appears that at least one empire has captured a couple of positions so that one can probably be considered dangerous without help.  Other than that I think it all depends on how many enemy neighbors you have that want to gang up on you.


Good Luck

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I am not interested in being the Roll of Bounty Paper Towels to my neighbors and I hope they take in account my friendly, non aggressive approach to co-existence. 

I'd bend down and kiss their feet/hoofs/roots/claws but my knees are blown out and my back hurts......

Let us smoke the pipe of peace....g  r  o  v  v   v   y      m  a  n....   p   e   a   c   eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee   



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1 hour ago, Pharnauk the Destroyer said:

Landmine, I think Hobknob is correct. I, too, know that a few empires have encountered nonactive empires and conquered them. Just play your planed strategies and keep a strong defense network. Happy hunting.

Thanks, but the core question remains.  I have found an undefended homeworld ripe for the taking.  Is it my play or lack of species brainpower holding me back?  Over 6 players have conquered the defenses Pete has set up for home worlds and I have not.

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