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Victory! Processing Note

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Hi Guys,

Turns for late 5th, 6th/7th and late 7th, 8th (which normally go out Sat & Sun evenings) will be delayed a few days this week.  I have an out-of-town funeral that came up suddenly, as those things do, and I'll be out of the office for a while.  If your turn would normally process on those days don't worry when the results don't show up on the usual schedule.  I'll be back at work next Tuesday evening most likely.  We'll work it out from there and gradually catch things back up.

Most likely schedule will be

Late 5th, 6th/7th on Tuesday the 12th (evening)

Late 7th, 8th on Wednesday the 13th

Late 8th, 9th/10th on Thursday the 14th

Late 10th, 11th/12th on Friday the 15th

Late 12th, 13th/14th on Saturday the 16th (where we'll be caught up again to the usual schedule).


If this schedule causes anybody any grief, anybody needs more time, etc. just keep in touch with me via email when I get back and we'll work things out.  I'll do my best to give 24 hours between when the last batch of results went out and when the next group starts processing - any special situations we'll make allowances and figure out.  Processing times may slip a little  depending on how things go but this is plan A ;) 

Take care & best wishes,


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