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The Exelon-NSI war

Lois Lane

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Outbreak of war


New hostilities have broken out between the NSI and the Exelonian Concordium. Unconfirmed reports claim that a Dahak battlecruiser was destroyed by a Pup E light cruiser.


The damaged Dahak defeated on a prior occasion 2 Pup E 's, but this time there was no escape.


The Dahak had, according to an Exelonian spokesman, accidentily jumped into a nexus where the above mentioned 2 Pup E's were destroyed by the fighters on the Dahak. No remains were recovered at that time to return to the families of the deceased. It is not known whether there are any survivors from the Dahak, since up to this time it is very difficult to retrieve any information from the seclusive NSI.


Reliable sorces told Lois Lane that NSI has stepped up it's military effort and is sending in more Pup E's to defend the borders between NSI and the Exelonian Condordium. Although no official declaration of war has been stated yet, it seems that both parties are bracing for full out war.


The GSL, the alliance of which the Exelonian concordium is a part, has not reponded yet. Ambassadors of Exelon have started negotiations with it's fellow alliance members to discuss a course of action. Intergalactic journalists are awaiting a press statement from the GSL president on the incidents any time.

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Selected excerpts from the Concordium news conference on the NSI Crisis


Reporter: Admiral John Paul Jones, how would you describe the race known only as the NSI?


Admiral: Well BaBa, I would characterize the NSI as bloodthirsty xenophobic bringands hell bent on the destruction of all other lifeforms.


Reporter: Well, that seems to be a rather negatvie view of the race? What has led you to this conclusion.


Admiral: Simple logic Baba. The Concordium has made numerous attempts to contact the NSI. Three brave pathfinder crews have been destroyed while beaming messages of friendship to NSI Light Cruisers. In each case the NSI ships opened fire on the near defenseless Pathfinder ships. The most recent of these attacks came when an NSI ship warped into a star system where we have never encountered them before and immediately opened fire on the Pathfinder stationed there to great visitors.


Reporter: Shocking.


Admiral: And there's more. We have sent probes to the NSI begging for contact and all have been ignored. In one ship encounter, a pathfinder ran into an NSI Fleet Scout and attempted to contact them. We believe the only reason the ships did not battle was the Fleet Scout has no weapons. No matter what the Pathfinder crew did, the NSI Fleet Scout ignored the Pathfinder, acting like we didn't even exist or were beneath their consideration. And finally, when the 901st warped into Diocles due to a burecratic blunder, the NSI ships on the other side fired on our ship despite our greater size and firepower. The attack was fanatical in nature, with the entire NSI complement, including an unarmed Fleet Scout attacking the ship in every manner possible. We offered them a chance multiple times to surrender but eventually, they fought until every last NSI being was destroyed. This was followed by another NSI Light Cruiser coming in to attack our damaged ship. The 901st attempted to surrender. They pleaded with the NSI to at least allow the wounded to go. I'm certain your viewers have heard the tapes of the last moments of "Old Smokey" as the crew called the ship.


Reporter: (Wipes a tear from her eye)... Truly a horrific race. And what is the Concordium doing to protect the citizens from this menance?


Admiral: Well, our current Ships of the line already out gun and out-mass the ships from the NSI we've seen. And designers have just completed the next generation ship with a new generation of weapons and defenses even better than what we've shown to the NSI. And we also have a surprise coming off the ship assembly line very soon.


Reporter: This surprise .. would it have anything to do with rumors of some type of advanced engine, a Fusion Transwarp Drive, and some advanced space weapons uncovered in....


Admiral: CUT THE TRANSMISSION NOW .. That's a direct order....

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Don't know who Lois is. I prefer boards where names are registered with emails. Posts for laughs can be fun .. but people should be proud of their posts and stand up for them, not hide behind the curtain.


Oh, and I just noticed, MM has joined a group (or created one??) so he could be ranked as a Captain. Surprising he didn't make himself Lord High Admiral or something like that. :thumbsup:


Anyway, my Avatar is not a rat. When I described my race to a niece she commented it sounded like MU 2 in Pokemon. She even took a picture and made the eyes golden and sent it to me. How could I not use her picture (especially since it's a catlike creature with amazing mental powers like the good old Concordiates). :lol:

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Good Uncle? No -- Silly Uncle Ken. I've been driven insane watching Barney and Teletubbies with small kids, having to deal with Pokemon and Beanie Babies with another, and learning Yu-Gi-Oh while watching Power Rangers with a third. :thumbsup:


I think the various relatives invite me over only because it gets them time to get away from the same stuff (hey, Uncle Ken is here, go play with him, PLEASE go play with him)... :ph34r:

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One of the first dates I went on with my fiancee (today's our -1st anniversary) was to the PowerPuff Girls movie. She brought her 15-yr-old niece, I brought my 6-yr-old son. We all loved it.

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These are the voyages of the Dahak's Lance. Her mission is to boldly go where no Concordiate has been before, to seek out and explore new worlds and new civilizations, and to proudly eradicate the forces of evil from the universe.


Starlog 01.280.111403 - Captain Nelson reporting.


The crew of the Dahak's Lance are ... it's hard to describe the mix of moods among the crew members. As a race we have always been hopeful that the galaxy would be full of other peoples we could meet and trade with. And these hopes were met with the first race we met at a star called Chrna. But ever since the Diocles Incident, we come to realize there is a darker side to the universe.


We have encountered a second race, one that has been named the NSI (short for Napatha Solarum Imperium, taken from the name of the constellation that Diocles is located in). And this race has defied even the worst case assumptions of the homeworlds elite. They eschew all contact, attack anything in a fanatical manner, and refuse to surrender, fighting to the death in all cases. So far despite several military battles, we have yet to receive one communication from them. We do not even know what the enemy looks like (nothing that can be used in this regard has been retrieved from any of the shattered NSI ships). And if this wasn't enough, the limited knowledge we do have came at the expense of the flagship of the fleet, the Dahak's Pride. This has shaken the nerves of the crew, and tensions are running high.


At last Central Command has given us orders, something which will focus the crew from the negative news. While Admiral John Paul Jones leads a task force into the heart of where NSI ships have been encountered, we have been given an important intelligence gathering mission. A Pathfinder scanned what appears to be an NSI fleet scout in the Chlodmer system. To prepare for the assault on Diocles, the Admiral has ordered us to capture the fleet scout and their crew, intact, for interrogation. The more intel we have the greater our chance for success. The crew will heartened to hear this. And for the pride of the fleet, we will succeed.

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Starlog 01.290.112103 - Captain Nelson reporting.


Is this the fabelled lull before the storm? As the fleet continues to prepare for the assult on Diocles, pathfinder and warprider ships have continued to explore the farthest warp points. And strangely there have been no more NSI encounters. Dahak's Lance continues to voyage towards Chlodmer in search of the NSI scout ships to capture. And out scans have been equally devoid of any signs of other ships in the spaces we have covered.


Concordium leaders are continuing attempts to reach the NSI in some manner. Over 10 probes (MESS) were sent into suspected NSI spacial areas hoping to elicit some type of response. And still, there is silence.


Perhaps this silence will continue. Perhaps the new Girru class Battleships with all their advanced weapons will never reach the front lines. Once can only hope that the NSI madness will end before more lives are lost.

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