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Welcome to SuperNova!


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Hello to new and old players alike!


SuperNova has been running for several months now and continues to improve as we add new features :) Visit all of the SuperNova forums here and don't hesitate to ask questions and participate.


A few common topics to discuss:


Empire Setups


When setups are processed, it's very much like a regular turn: some orders are processed to get your started, your industries run, and turn results are generated. Make sure to update your account information with your correct physical and email address that you want us to use so that your setup can be sent right out to you.


The Galaxy


Supernova has one gigantic galaxy that can hold a tremendous number of players. At first, everybody is set up in the same general area; after that, new Empires are created in a growing ring so that new guys don't start out right next to Empires that have been around for a while. You'll also find that there are no "XYZ" coordinates, so you'll need to explore a bit to figure out just where you are.


Multiple Empires


You can run several Empires if you like, but there's no way to predict where each will get set up.


War and Peace


In Supernova, it's actually beneficial to consider not attacking a neightbor. Remember, you can trade items with other Empires, but not technology (the knowledge of how to build an item). Worried that you don't know how to build advanced armor for your ships? Build a bunch of your fancy Plasma Cannons and trade them to a nearby player who gives you some of his Cordellium Composite. B) If you conquer him, you'll gain his industries, population, shipyards, stockpiles and so on, but you can't gain the ability to construct particular tech items without researching them yourself.


Supernova Turn Entry Program


There are some readme files that come with the turn entry program download, but if you still need help or have any problems installing the entry program on your system, by all means contact us and ask for assistance. By the way, the first download is a big one, but future updates to the entry program are much smaller in size because you don't need all of the files for an update.


Once again, welcome to the game and we hope you have a great time playing! :D

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