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Galactic war, what you you do?


The recent NSI war has arose a question in my mind. If you where to encounter A race that was out to take over the universe what would you do?  

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nice? I don't get it?


Man, if someone keeps treading on my turf, I would smack em back. It works in Vic! games!!!


Put it like this, if someone comes in my area, and I don't want to trade or deal with them, and they keep coming back, there's only one reason for that. They want to find my homeworld and attack me. :woohoo: Or steal something of mine. :ph34r:


Pretty simple to me. If I am Portugal and Spain sends in troops into my territory, he is the aggressive one, and I say attack him!!! :)


so what does being nice in a sandbox have to do with it? I don't get it? It's just a game.


-Pig Skin

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The recent NSI war made me wonder what I should expect in future encounters with such races. This pole will show what various races would do in that situation.


CLEernest, you left out one important bullet in your poll. "Surrender!!"


If I ran into a race hell bent on ruling the universe, I would surrender and swear fealty to that race and count my blessing that they don't atomize me right on the spot. :)


Then again, I AM that race. :woohoo:


Just thought you should know. :lol:

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nice?  I don't get it?


Man, if someone keeps treading on my turf, I would smack em back.  It works in Vic! games!!!

As has been pointed out in other posts to this forum, SN:ROTE isn't just 'Victory in Space.' Regardless of how one feels about it, there are people out there who are playing this game with a bent towards civilization-building. There's certainly a lot of mechanics in this game which allow you to do just that.


Of course, there are games and there are Games. How much does Master of Orion cost? Fifty bucks? That's 9 minimum-order SN turns... :woohoo:


Also, given that some people who play this game don't have access to the boards, email or anything beyond standard post, communicating one's intent might be somewhat difficult and prolonged. There may well be many instances where blood is spilled at first contact and even after, but peace is negotiated.


So I agree. While there's lots of room in this game for blasting one's neighbors, doing so should be done with care and consideration. In the case of the NSI, it does appear that many efforts have been made to contact the empire in question, yet war continues.


I would venture that, should things continue to go badly for the NSI, the two empires will soon be negotiating.


Sha'thar . o O { Why isn't there a 'soapbox' icon I can use? } :)

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Another point is that in Victory you know how to win and how to eliminate an enemy. This can usually be done if you are good and you guess right. In this game I don't think you will ever be able to take out somebody who really resists. In that case wars will likely have negotiated ends or a cessasation of hostilities due to bordom and the like. :woohoo:

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Soapbox Icon? :)


If I bumped into someone who blasted me at this stage, I'd devote 100% of my energy in hunting them down until they gave up or I died :woohoo:


I think conquering your neighbor is an all-or-nothing affair so far - and will take a tremendous amount of good planning to pull it off. Luckily, my neighbors are pretty cool so that I can focus on other aspects of the game until I'm in a position to defend me or my neighbors against any unforeseen hostilities.

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I never said it was Victory in space? Don't know where you got that from? Catdude, what I said was"


"Man, if someone keeps treading on my turf, I would smack em back. It works in Vic! games!!! "


I also don't get what Masters of Orion has to do with anything?


Theres lots of mechanics to do lots of things. Look how many ways there is to :woohoo: someone!!! I'm not sure how they work, but I bet you drop enough of them and they will cause lots of destruction. From the looks of it, I'd say there are as many ways to destroy civilization as there is to building it. So who says your version of running an empire is the only way?


I say live and let live. I have plenty of planets in my home system to explore that don't need yours. But, if you tread on my turf, I smack you. Petty simple. I also say it takes two to fight, and both of the publicized wars involve one clear aggressor who admits to entering someone elses territory. Thus, I voted in this poll to attack races bent on invading others liike this!!!


~Pig skin

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You're right, it takes two to fight. And if one is a player and the other a dropped (or we think dropped) position, then it's not really a fight ... right? Or am I playing Clinton with the words?


I mean, all it would take is for NSI to contact me and *POOF* I would agree to almost anything to avoid fighting. Yet numerous messages through the game, mails through RTG, declaring war 19 times in succession on one turn (lots of leftover orders) have generated butkis. I clearly side with either (A) the position is dropped, it's AI moving ships, so, time to knock some ships around, or (:woohoo: the player is so anti-social in the game he deserves at this point to get ships knocked around (when even 3000 tons corvettes are set to attack on sight, that's not very social).

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Why would you use 19 orders to declare war??? Doesn't it take just one? Maybe I missed something there? Man thats allot of orders just to go to war.


I don't know what being dropped empire has to do with it? If you move in on his turf, why does it matter if it is AI or player run? Thats a warmonger type of thing to keep bullying your neighbor, isn't it? Looks that way to me how your posted it.


From what you posted, either way you sent ships at this NSI guy and kept sending ships at him. Like what do you expect? You even said your charting tunnels to him and can't wait to get to his homeworld. How is that not warlike? I don't get it?


You say youd do just about anything if this guy would contact you, but what does that mean? talks cheap. if you're goal is to avoid a fight, might I recommend starting by not intruding on someone else's turf? maybe the guy doesn't live in the states? What does being social-like have to do with anything? I didn't know this was a social club. Maybe I missed something there.


When I get my defense fleet built I'll set it Yankee-like to shoot on site. Like the whole idea of having a defense is to protect yourself from intruders, right? Otherwise why bother defending yourself?


~Pig Skin

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I only used lots of orders because (1) I had them paid for anyway and (2) I was desperately trying anything I could think of to get NSI's attention to respond to me. I could see a person overlooking one such order in turn results, maybe even two (I love all the detail in the turn results). But ten or more in a row? If the person is breathing they would notice that. So the only thing I was doing was attempting to get the persons attention, sledgehammer wise.


As for social interaction, of course it's not a social club. But a basic concept of this game is you will run into other people. Meeting other players means diplomacy (IE .. trading mails and messages with other players) is part of the game. I mean, if a player did not want to contact others or interact with others, why play SN where they will meet others? They could go play an engaging game of MOO3 or Galactic Civilizations or many of the other PC based 4E games (all for far less cost and much faster response time -- is it Friday yet?? :woohoo: ) with no worry others trying to contact them. Being able and willing to interact with other players in this game in at least some fashion (even if limited) is in my mind a requirement of the game by it's design and nature.


I know some players have limitations that would hamper their ability to interact on the boards or respond to messages. Fine. But, you can still respond albiet slowly. You can even send in a text message to RTG with your turn and they will forward the message on to another player for you. It's very slow, but it works. I have mentioned this can be done in the several text messages I have sent to NSI via RTG, asking for any response (even a Get lost message). I've mentioned that RTG will keep the players name / address / etcetera private and just forward the text. RTG is willing to say private means private, and keep it that way. You need some contact to agree to borders and agree to non-agression. With no contact despite best attempts, you must assume the silent party is either AI controlled or anti-social / hostile.

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