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First Contact with a player race


Have your race made in-game contact with a player run race or dropped position?  

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The Apshai, running just over a year (around 30 turns) has encountered two races, both first at four system out from HW.


The Concordium, running since start (39 turns?) has encountered two races (one hostile), again both initially at four systems out from HW.

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The Apshai have crossed "C"'s to get to stars where others were located.


The Concordium have run into the two races at a total of 7 different stars now. The contacts with the NSI have been primarily through tough WP's (an E, and F, two one ways .. and one C). The other has ranged from B to E.


Overall I've seen no real pattern to theory that higher level warps lead to others. Maybe if I knew the Homeworlds of all the others I could try and determine if some warp border exists. But it doesn't really matter. With MK III JSS and some explorers, you can get through almost any WP pretty quick.

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I have found 0 :cheers: other player positions and only 1 neutral :) .


My other empire just found its 3rd neutral, and spotted a ship several turns ago. I think the ship belongs to a dropped position because it hasn't moved and there has been no player contact. Unfortunately, I can't crack the warp point it is stationed at :taz: .


The warps leading to that ship are D,A,C.

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We have not encountered anyone, but from what I've seen some players have expolred over 10 jumps for thier home system and not found anyone, yet others have found people only 5 jumps away. I am currently jumping into my fith set of systems and i am very hopeful. I have encounterd 2 neutrals.

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It took a while....around 30 turns....it seems like 8 systems apart from homeworld to homeworld is the average?


I remember that it felt like forever (over a year) and I guess that is a long time.


Hang in there -- for those around since the start, I'm guessing you are just really unlucky or surrounded by a couple of dropped systems.


Considering the number of paths possible from any given direction, its feasible that some of you may be passing each other in the night.

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