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Change/remove tooled Production


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I tried to change a tooled precess...now I have 2 instead of one.


Say I wanted to remove a tooled process...I use the EB order...


Say I have 100 Gas elements at pri 510 but it should be 10,000 (my 0 key sticks some times) What form would the change take to not get 2 of them?




I have 2 tools doing foodstuff... one at 210 pri and one at 590...how do I remove the 210 one (tried it..got 2 tools..sigh) :cheers:

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To Change a Tooled Production, the EB [Edit Build] Order should work.


EB, 10000, Gaseous Elements, <PopGroup>, 510, Yes


Should fix your Gaseous Elements queue.


If you want to eliminate the foodstuffs from your queue, the command line is


EB, 0, Foodstuffs, <PopGroup>, 210, No


Make sure you put in a quantity of zero and 'No' as your Tooled option.


I hope that helps.


-SK :cheers:

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