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A very informative answer from Pete indeed, one I wish I would have had when I started the game and designed my race. It does though overlook a small issue...to actually land those great big troops they have to get through the space defenses...so a Brainiac race with all the physical neg modifiers and loads of SRP buy their way quickly up to Good rating in their fav weapon systems, say three systems 1-slotted to Mk III gives them excellent weapon rating in nine turns. During that time they have also been able to research the improved materials for building those items. They could put all RCs on the same Mk IV and the Mk V weaponry system and get it very quickly especially when all those scientists generate hits on that single item, thus being at least a couple of weapon generations ahead of a non srp race.


So when the gargantuans come along to vanquish the brainiacs they happily blast them out of space with their Mk V Long Lance Torpedoes. Since defense is so much easier than assault in the game this is an especially favored technique...


I think it would benefit all new players to actually have the SRP information in the rules and the suggested amount...


And I also think one should make it clear that this is not a wargame, an space empire simulation yes, but no wargame at least not yet, to avoid frustration as some of my Victory friends have expressed .)





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hehe i'm new at this game (althoug i played it a long time ago in the Orion system, PBM netherlands) and when i start reading this thread my face grew longer and longer. OOOOH oh... i did not save points... now im doomed. no. not doomed but really deeply doomed. underground doomed. :cheers:


But then there is the chime.... and all became clear... I'm playing this game because i like to build, if i wanted to play only wargames i would stick with EVE. a perfect example of wargame only. impossible to build, because everybody can shoot the flufplips out of you. Yep, I had supernible-duper-extra-polished-invulnerable-kind-of-shielding and whooops... they shot my nice big spaceship to shreds. all it took was one shot. no defense, no sighting, just BLAM. Bye! see you next time. after 2 times i stopped the game. Im not paying 20-30dollar a month to get shot. (i wasn't the only one dropping out because of that)

But what has it to do with this game?

well.. i liked this game for building and that's what i hope to do! I'll gonna spend lot's of time in thinking and building :D not to forget :cheers: ofcourse :D

and i hope it will be just as enjoyable as it was in the Orion game.

I had to wait a long time to be in the position of playing again and finally!!!! the time is there... :D


so..... i'll have to wait.... dread...

Admiral Arpat

Ashok Empire (to be)

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Admir Arpat

Do not worry about it to much. there are several of us that started this game with 0 (or close to it) SRP's, tech is a bit alower adn it is more important that you figure out what you want to do early on so you do not waste precious research. Go forward and enjoy yourself

Beat of luck in the game

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If you don't have your setup then there is still time to make changes. I would not start another position without a few hundred points saved at a minimum. You can not make up in time some of the things you can have with SRP's within the first 12 turns or so.



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