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For those of you with large enough star maps - please feel free to send me a PM about map patterns.


I had always suspected that the higher warp points translated to shorter routes between empires.


Every other month or so, I draw out my maps by hand and look for patterns.


I combined the entire map of another empire with my own and see a pattern. Its a bit jarbled looking at it in 2-d.....but if you write it out in layers....or if you could somehow look down upon your map, you would see a 4 to 8 pointed star....with each "arm" of the star representing a ring.


For those of you who have made contact with others, try this:


Make as tight of a circular path that you can along systems that connect to the systems where you spotted your neighbor(s). These rings will vary depending on the type of warp points you have surveyed....If you have no circular path, start knocking down warp points. Eventually, you will close the ring.


Sometimes the ring is a strange system of 1-way warp points....you can 1-way to your neighbor and your neighbor can 1-way back to you within a small ring of about 4-6 systems.


If we can collaborate using labels instead of system names to protect our privacy, we might be able to confirm a pattern.


If there is indeed a pattern, we could help speed the game up a bit by knowing what to look for :ph34r:


Of course, there is an odd chance that Pete and Russ announce that the layout is completely random :lol: But I'm almost 99% convinced otherwise.

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Thats fair game considering the obscurity of my post :robot:


I'm trying things out on a CAD program. I'm trying to tie in Warp Points somehow so that I can explain things better.


The best way I can remotely explain what I mean is if you took a few moments to look at your map and draw your map with as many loops as you can. They should vary in size.




I'm confusing the hell out of everyone again aint I? :drunk:

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Extra credit point for whatever brain-in-a-jar huuuman out there who can completely identify the system used to create the galactic warp map. Hint: no star has ever been created that was entirely unconnected to the rest of the grid, and every star has 3D coordinates attached to it behind the scenes...but you don't get to see those #'s :drunk:

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Sha'thar - Interesting....haven't seen it yet. Seems there is always a second path to the system on the other side of the 1-way WP


Hobkob- I've seen the same thing with 2 other empire maps. I suspect there is a second way into the system - otherwise what was the point of making the path include a pair of 1-way warp points? Who knows?



I've been messing with all types of data. A work in progress. I'll have more time next week to continue the project.


Curious as to other theories!

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Hehe - over time those Sargasso Seas would be nothing more than a graveyard for unfortunate explorers B) The Bermuda Triangle of the universe or some such? :( Thats a cool concept Octagon.


Oracle- Thats very possible. There is no obvious discernable geometirc pattern of connections over a scale of 120 systems. However, every algorithim has a restraint or confine. I still suspect that immediate neighbors are separated by a similar amount of systems/difficulty of warp path.

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