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A foreign intelligence ageny is active within your borders. Is that for that turn or is it picked up from the previous turn?


That means it occured since your last turn submission. Since once country is run at a time, everything that happens to you since your last turn shows up on your turn report. At the conclusion of your turn, the 'file' is wiped clean and starts over.

This is also why TA's stagger their turns so they can pick up information that will help others in their 'group'. :drunk: Hope that helps.

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The message you receive is from in between your turns.

After you play a turn, all info is cleared. Until your next turn, all information will remain. So if an enemy nation attempts to spy on you, and fails, you can receive such a message.


Hope this helps,



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Once you're at war with a nation I've found it's best to send the long-range recon planes in and slash your SIOL level - saves a fortune

Yes, but I am only allowed to build 10 air units (or there equivalents) each turn, and I really don't want to waste that on Recon planes. As a general rule....

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Yes, but build them on one turn and they last you for ages - even when you send them in on ground-level recon. They're also much cheaper in AIR points than their armed equivalents. Sure, you'll take some losses, but the information you get back is relatively accurate. I've found some of my spies pretty wide of the mark in the past.

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