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Colony Report Suggestion


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Hi All,


Just got my first colony up and running this turn, pop wise. I've built some of the 1/100 facilities and, although its not an issue at the moment, I was wondering if the colony report could somehow include a 1/100 calulation for those types of facilities.


For example lets say I have 160 pop and 2 cathedrals. It would be helpful if the colony report would say 2 Cathedrals (1/80) to indicate that I have a ratio of 1 facility per 80 pop.


I know, I'm probably treading on the toes or tentacles or flippers of the purists who want to add up all their facilities, factor in their excess pop, throw in numbers for new settlers and then divide by 100 but hey if the system already makes a check for 1/100 status then maybe we could get that shown on the colony report.


Just food for thought hopefully.




Chairman Luri Keen

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