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Would you play a new game of SN:ROTE where everyone knows where everyone is located from the beginning?  

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I would go even farther....we all have an accurate star map....the whole thing.


Imagine how much more interaction we would have from the get go. And how much more strategic!


Personally, I think this would be more realistic, too.


The game is so heavily geared to the defensive anyway....


Yes - I would play that game in a heartbeat.

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Laserwolf Posted on Jul 2 2004, 07:51 AM

If RTG started a new Region, where all setups knew where everyone was located would you play a new empire?

A very interesting idea...I would perhaps entertain the thought of participation. Although time for orders now is already a pressing issue!

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Well, that would all depend on what you meant by knowing where everybody was. If you are refering to some sort of coordinate system like SN II then that is one thing. The other option is to have something more in line with previous playtest ideas of everybody being located at their own 0,0,0 and working out from there. Still no clue of where you are, but you at least know your left from your right and can tell where the fronts are and which direction is which.


Of course you could also be referring to a map similar to Master of Orion where you can see all the stars from the get go.

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The game is much more interesting as it is. Granted, it is taking some time for each local political scene to get going. But the game is much deeper for it.


Consider the following possibilities:

1) Pushing outward to identify and defend routes into your space, and possibly being surprised by an alien painfully close to your home due to incomplete exploration

2) Aggressively rushing outward to "claim stake" or to gain leverage negotiating borders

3) Never knowing what alien sighting will show up on your next turn

4) Making friends or enemies based on your negotiations or your silence

5) Playing cat and mouse with those less friendly, seeking a path to their homeworld while preventing them from finding yours

6) Conquering piecemeal elements of larger organizations/political bodies/alliances that have not linked up with their associates

7) Playing the turtle by avoiding alien contact



Having known locations would overly cater to large aggressive groups with a pre-established relationship looking to quickly and easily link up and conquer those around them. It would also remove much of the suspense of the exploration component of the game.

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Wouldn't this take all of the fun out of exploration and make it less strategic and less realistic?


I enjoy exploring and think that a region that had everyone's home posted would be dominated by whomever could throw the most empire's warships at one person, blitzkrieg style.


The thing I like best about SNROTE is that we are all in one universe! Once we have multiple universes then its just not the same game. It would be more like the Victory! game.


I think it could also detract from the current game greatly with many people dropping to go play the blitzkrieg game instead.



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I would love to see at least 10 systems out already mapped but not necessarily surveyed. Then you could at least plan a little bit in the beginning instead of running into dead-end warp points and being stuck on F's until better survey sensors come online. The dynamics of the game would certainly shift more towards strategic movement much earlier in the game. The only drawback would be that alliances would benefit most from a limited view such as this.


Actually, knowing the whole galactic map makes the most sense to keep it as fair as possible. There should be a limit of 1 empire per quadrant for those who run multiple empires. Empire trading should be strictly banned in this environment as well.


Realistically though I don't believe this will ever happen.

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Interesting stuff.


An infusion of caffeine has got me to thinking.

(owww, that hurts :blink: ).


For my part, I don't see the need to start a new game. It's been said by RTG that the coordinates are already a part of the program.

This could be implemented with the galaxy that we're playing in now:


The coordinates (of at least some) of the stars would be disclosed. I mean, c'mon. At night just open your shell and point your eyestalk up.

- Perhaps the closest *pick a number* stars to systems you've visited are visible.

- Perhaps huge nebulas of dust and gas block the view in some directions.

- Perhaps the galactic center is a black hole that blocks the view of the other side.


Each race would be at the center of their own universe, the home system being at relative coordinates of 0,0,0.

Add a wrinkle - flip flop the relative x,y,z axes so that one player's x axis would be another player's z. :ranting:


The warp points and planets associated with a star would be unknown and invisible until the 'System Scan' order was done when you actually got there. Warp surveys would be the same as they are now.

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I voted NO as I love the game the way it is......


I would, however, very much like to have the x,y,z co-ordinates of the systems I've mapped [sS order], but relative to my HW.


This would add a level of 'realism' I would love, but if the Powers That Be continue to deem that this would be unbalencing, then I can certainly live with that too....


Whilst at the moment I'd still need to maintain my 2-d topograhpical map, in 20 years time it would be nice to have the 3-d hologram showing me where I'd got to........ :D



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I think you're conducting this poll at the wrong time. The time to ask this question was at or near the start-up of SNROTE. :unsure:


SNROTE started nearly two years ago. For some who joined the game (including "veterans" of SN and SNII), SNROTE will not have met their expectations, and so they will have dropped their positions. The remaining players are happy to continue playing with things the way they are.


Any new players will go through the same "meeting expectations" process, and some of these will drop, too, but the numbers of dissatisfied players will always be low when compared to the many (200?) other players who have stayed with the game they are happy with.


Therefore, you are bound to get the answer that the vast majority are happy with things the way they are.


However, that's not to say that someone (maybe RTG) could invent (have already invented?) a futuristic/sci-fi space exploration game that does have known Empire locations ... . :D

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