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- Some decrease at research duration :cheers:

- Reaching long distance warp technology earlier (Techs either several jumps in a turn or creating temporary or permanent warp point) :angry:



- Detailed info on installations

- CON order with multiple installations

- Showing prerequisites at INST order



- Detailed info and extensive usage to characters [being worked on]

- Naming multiple characters within one order

- Indicating the presence of legendary characters on fleet, army, colony reports



- More/official info at battle and repair system

- Transferring cargo between fleets

- Option to share/split or transfer none or all possible cargo within a RN order

- Naming fleets

- TAC for fleets [Done as new FOB order]

- Allowing RN in a NEWF order

- Displaying each fleet's standing orders in fleet report

- FORM order clarification and reorganization

- Displaying a section at fleet report, listing fleets by location



- Displaying army TACs or army strength at report



- Showing total pop at PMAP/ORB orders [Done]

- Naming pop. Centers

- Indicating total/unemployed and reproduction/attrition rate of pop at colony reports

- COLB order with option to OC

- TAC for colonies

- Displaying supplied/used power at colony reports

- Easy to read production report (like separations between pop.centers productions)

- Used number of industries at production report



- Sightings and Exploration Report Sections

- Allowing PMAP usage in a CNVR

- Increasing the chance of finding gift items at explorations



- Enchancing and explaining Diplomacy [reported being worked on]

- A report section showing diplomacy level/power against all known empires

- Orders to delete/edit standing orders

- Once executable CNVR option

- Calling one or more CONV orders in a CNVR (CONV 99 <another route> or CONV 99 <none>)

- Currency feature to facilitate easy trade and possibility to form markets

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Most of these sound great! I'm all for allowing us to name as much as we can (pop centers, etc.), because it allows us to personalize our empire to our exact tastes. Plus, naming pop centers would make it a lot easier on the players who have many colonies (Let's see...was that colony # 34561, 34576, or 34583 on Goomba Prime...??) - although I know that slight change in asthetics would cause poor Pete a lot more work.


As for the "TAC for fleets", I think Pete is handling that via the new Fleet Order of Battle (FOB) order, although I've yet to see his posted example.


I notice also that you have some good suggestions for combining orders. I think that's good for us, but Pete and Russ will have to draw the line there somewhere because (since we get charged by the number of orders) every order they combine costs RTG money! In some cases, like the SRP order, it just made good sense. Adding the "CLEAR ALL" option to the EB order helps us loads, as well.


One order I'd like to see in a combined format is the Formation Battle Plan (FORM) order. When I first reset my formations to match what I thought was tactically correct (and again after the ship classes in the FORM order were changed to match the ones in the NUD order), I spent a ton of orders (and money) just setting up my formations correctly. Is there any way we can get this set up in a combined order?



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I like this list, and would definitely see more things happening quicker, I think the game will lose interest for people when researching Improved Fuel takes approx 4-5 months real time on one RC for a maxxed research race. The only "Epic" things that have been happening are the EXPL results that both hinted at higher tech and installations but these were curbed as well and I wonder if I still haven't met a player after a YEAR this september what incentive is there to continue with the pace of research and such?


Especially those of us in the Turn 0 batch that believed that SRPs weren't that important and only could be used for the initial techs as was discussed on the boards are way behind those just a couple of months later setup...


What is outside the clusters? Is there an ongoing storyline, are there active neutral npc empires that Pete/Russ runs or is it just numbers in space untill we find each other and either decide to trade or go to war?


I'm a wee bit worried B)



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:woohoo: I am willing to give the game another year of play, if at the end of the second year I still have not encountered another active player I might them think about dropping, but it kinda is a wait and see. Also for me the real fun is the interaction I have with those in the GSL and on the GSL mailer, and folks on here. The turns at this point can only take you so far, but one must plod on. Keep the faith and I think it will get better and better...if not...well we can all show up at Pete's house and :ranting::angry::drunk:
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I too will be waiting for something of substance to happen to keep my intrest. I hope Pete & Russ will find a way to address this. The idea of having to wait months for tech breakthru's wasn't that bad when I first started, but now it is becoming annoying to see the same tech in my RC's month after month. I still love this game though, and look forward to having some contact with some of you guys.

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I think that we are not as far away from major tech as we might think.


But in other ways we certainly are.


What I mean is...


Pete has stated more than once that no empire will ever (EVER) research everything. There will be lots of tech they simply will NEVER be able to research.


So this means an empire will have decisions to make, and also, cooperation will be strongly encouraged.


When you look at the trees, there are very basic structures involved. First thing, are the horizon techs. Also, there are the improved and advanced materials. Really, it doesn't seem like the materials are that big of a deal, really. Not in the time frame of the overall game. It just SEEMS like it now, because we have just started. Yes, even now, just started, in the overall scheme of things.


But those are one shot obstacles. Once they are out of the way, then all that remains are the specific applications tech, and that is where the choices really are going to be made.


You can't have it all, but you can have some. What are you going to pick? What are you going to be willing to trade, if anything?


I was getting discouraged with the pace of research myself until I took a new look at the structure. Think of the horizons, materials and some special techs as ticket punches that give you a menu to choose from. Then once you have that foundation, start picking your paths and stick with them.


I really think that many are farther along than you suspect. Once many of these "ticket punches" are out of the way, they are permanently taken care of, you can focus on the goodies.

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I'd like to suggest a couple of high (as in essential) priorities for the 'needs to be done now' section: :thumbsup:


1 - The 'DIP' for Empires order (perhaps DPE ?). This needs to be in place to start the accumulation of Diplomacy Points with empires you've formally met (and a Report section in the printout to follow your first DPE with an empire, showing your current relationship and accumulated points).


2 - The SEND [Message] <Empire ID#> <Text> coded asap. Whilst this would probably become redundant after first contact between e-mail players, it is needed for paper-based players.


BTW (do paper-based players pay the same as e-mail players? :P


Chief Planner to Ur-Lord Tedric

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Sounds to me, like the Ur-Lord Tedric wants both an Order (as has been eluded to in the Rules) and a Diplomatic Status Report. The Rules indicate (at this time) that in order to achieve certain levels of in-game diplomatic status (War, Non-Aggression Pact, Trade Pact, Military Alliance, etc.) that you have to earn diplomatic points with the target Empire in a manner similar to the DIP Order and NPC Empires.


Pete has stated that the PC-to-PC Empire Diplomacy Order exists, but is not working to his satisfaction and he's making changes to bring it up to an acceptable level. Thanks, Pete. :P


I don't know what the Ur-Lord wants in a Report, but I would like something that states the name of known (i.e. spotted by my Fleets) Empires, current state of Diplomatic relations and the accumulated "points" to date.



Island of Misfit Toys ... Non-Aggression Pact ... 100

Legions of Mongoro ... Neutral ... 0

... etc. ...

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Yes, we are thinking exactly along the same lines as Shadowkitsune...


We are also of the belief that the diplomatic points idea (whilst nice and pretty RPG'ish) is likely to not see the light of day.


So after 2 empires meet and arrange to submit the 'DPE' order together for the first time (same processing pulse?), thereafter there would need to be a Report page listing each empire with whom an agreement has been reached and what that level is.


We suspect that this order is needed pretty soon...


Watch this space


Chief Diplomat to Ur-Lord Tedric

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