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The accussations continue to fly that I declared war, caused conflict etc...


I'll leave it to the masses (since Locklyn, Eternus, Boo etc.. all have multiple identities to cover their tracks it really doesn;t matter)


1. Valkor and Eyre meet in Deliah.

2. Valkor and Eyre decide Deliah is Eyre space and Eyre cannot go through a warp point to Valkor space

3. Valkor asks if Deliah can be neutral instead of Eyre and that Valkor will provide Eyre with recons on planets in exchange for this concession.

4. Valkor decides after 1 month of peace to stop sending reports on planets

5. Eyre, takes control of Deliah


Of course it's my fault because the gang of goody guys from the GSL need to be good guys....




Oh and to Justinian...


1. 1 Roman ship died. Take the "s" off of your communications if you want to be correct.

2. Justinian and Valkor are the same player/

3. Justinian claims he has sent multiple emails to Eyre. (now I have to admit I changed jobs so my work email changed) No email came to the yahoo account Valkor communicated to and no messages on the boards. Hmmm active communications and warnings.


Basically folks it is just a sham so that the exGSL white hats can have a war....

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Valkor..you state that I committed an act of agression thus enabling you and your cronies to declare war. Please answer the following questions.


1. Did you agree to provide information on the Deliah system as part of the peace agreement? Yes No


2. Did you stop providing this information (prior to any Eyre attack) Yes No


Just answer the questions...



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In point of fact:


Napoleon blamed England and any other monarchy he could find for bringing his Grand Army across Europe to hide his appetite for war.


Austria-Hungary blamed the Serbs for the start of WWI, attempting to hide the truth about their Balkan aggression.


Nazi Germany blamed the Austrians, the Czechs, and the Poles for instigating against them, attempting to hide the truth about their hunger for dominance.


Taking Great Britain as our example after Poland was attacked in Sept 1939, Valkor chooses not to coddle the aggressor any more, nor debate inaccuracies. No more entreating with the enemy. You backpedal as your enemy list grows.


Answer your own questions...the embassy is closed.

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Classic example of trying to avoid the question....Please note emperors of this game that the player refuses to answer the question. Instead he relies on rhetoric...


a simple yes/no...Did you agree to something and did you complete the action you agreed to...


Simple questions but obviously ones you cannot answer.


The interesting question now becomes the slew of allies he has joining him who all claim "defensive" agreements...Do they still participate since he failed to prove I was the agressor...I would bet yes but they no longer carry their white hats and have proven their baseless nature...


Good hunting...



Actually my ally list grows faster than my ennemies :oops:


PS - Please keep your embassy closed. Your lack of ability to explain your actions speak for themselves and you could only worsen your position.

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Talk, talk.......


Well, given that we know that as soon as you find us that you will be attacking directly there seems little point in talking about it....... :oops:


But we're curious......


The Valkor Empire states that the 'Deliah stuff' and communication was indeed sent, but that no answer was ever received to an address that it now transpires was closed anyway - was this ever mentioned by you, BTW???


And "your Yahoo address was still open" - Please :lol: ....a lot of reputable companies are now blocking all Yahoo access entirely!!! This really isn't viable.....


So, let's perhaps just stick to the facts - forget all the rhetoric - (assuming just one) an Eyre ship attacked a Valkor ship - that was gathering that Deliah information - and destroyed it with no warning, or attempt at communication.


Seems pretty piratical and typical to me; and nothing waffley will stand in the way of cold, hard facts......


Allies? Honour amongst thieves? Well, we assume half your forces will be guarding your back then..... :oops:


Lord High Seneschal to Ur-Lord Tedric

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If Yahoo is blocked at work, try gaming from home and spend your paid time doing what you get paid for. Many of us have no other home account than Yahoo, so you'd best hurry up and figure out a way around the block if you want to communicate.

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MadMartinB Posted on Aug 22 2004, 06:34 AM

Classic example of trying to avoid the question....Please note emperors of this game that the player refuses to answer the question. Instead he relies on rhetoric...


As Sir Thomas More once said, "They have no lawyers among them for they consider them a sort of people whose profession it is to disguise matters."


Talk was tried. You unsheathed the sword instead. Good luck putting it away now.

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Interesting attempt to go on a tangent Sir but since my yahoo account was our means of communication I guess a decision to send to an old work address would be an interesting change. Also since my work address changed on July 24th it would seem "ALL" the communications from April through July 24th were sent somewhere....maybe nowhere?

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I mean it is simple...if yhou don't like me just say so:


Something like: "I, Lord Galreth, do not like the scum sucking pirate Lord Eyre so I intentionally stopped honoring my side of an agreement so we can go to war"


See it is easy...


Or you could do: "I, Lord Galreth, stopped sending information to the Eyre due to a foolish error on my part and when the Eyre declared war I don't want to admit my error so I will blame him"


Easy as well....

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(Scene opens at Valkor embassy building on Eyre homeworld)


Jack-booted Eyre official stops by to deliver latest message, but finds the doors locked, lights off, and crickets chirping. About to return back to his dictatorial overlords, he notices a sign on the door reading,

"Guns are left to do what words might have done earlier, rightly used. "

--John Waller, 1917

(In case we forgot to mention it, we are closed.  Thanks for stopping by.)

(Fade to black)

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Mad Martin, I think your a great pirate. Why are you trying to be the good guy? Maybe you joined an alliance and you want to be a good guy now. The good guys in our game wear black. :P I am not impressed by their long speeches. My empire does not fear any alliance of whiners. Do you know what I do if someone blew up my ships. I would not hide behind any alliance. I would do something about it. You make the game fun Mad Martin.


Whiners go skulk somewhere else...

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Whapo memebers unite! This discrimiation against pirates and warmongers has gone on long enough! First they came for Eyre, I did nothing, Then they came for Turok, I did nothing. Then they came for.... I did nothing! Then they came for me, and there was no one left to help!


Before this happens, I challenge all Whapo members to delcare war on these vile empires, that have thru this declaration of war on the Eyre, shown they want to stop empires from fighting back where agreements are broken, persecute pirates and warmongers for being themselves, and generally trying to make the Universe into the most boring place ever imagined. Just because pirates and warmongers are the PERCEIVED bad guys, we do not know the words to kum by ya, and we have a CODE, does not give does not mean we can not unite for a common cause. I cause I call, Truth, I call Justice, and I call the WHAPO way!


Empire (censored) hereby declares WAR on all empires at war with the Eyre!

















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