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ANZ and INST discrepancies

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Although I haven't done many of these orders, I'm sure there must be quite a few ANZ and INST orders out there that aren't quite right. Thought it might be useful to start a new thread to pick these up.


To start the ball rolling:-


1) I did an ANZ on "NBC". The blurb says it is "Ground Combat" category, but I'm sure as a buildable unit it should be classed as "Ground Combat Unit"......I think!


2) ANZ for Nuclear Engines puts them in the "Jump Drive" category. Why?

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This has been prevalent since the start of the game and the only way to catch them seems to be when you research the item or ANZ it and go..."Hummm...now why would I need 500 Improved Plantfoods for a Strike Fighter...Oh Pete!" and Pete says...Errr... B)


These can be harder to catch in instances where it may be logical to assume a certain item, such as Improved Transaluminum for advanced fighter etc...than others which is something that is hard to know what to do about since there is currently NO WAY to know if you get the Installations or Techs you're supposed to when you reach a certain level of technology and items have been added in afterwards all through the game...


Sure it adds to the mystery of rebuilding ancient technology but gets frustrating as hell when you lose turns of efficiency over a code problem or typo. And since basically ANZ info are very vague it can also be hard to get detailed information from them on what woúld be expected.


But keep it up, we're playtesting this game into perfection in a year or twos time... ;)



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Heh, I think Supernova is a pretty good game...but no game of this magnitude is perfect. As minor discrepencies in ANZ or INST's are found, I add them to the master tables. Of the countless gatrillion items and installation entries in the database, there are sure to be some with weird spelling or data errors. The trick is to correct 'em when found :angry:


NBC is the same as the other division types - like Imperial Army Infantry, for instance, they should all say "Ground Combat".


There isn't a separate category for thrust-type engines, so they got lumped into the general engine category (which turned out to be Jump Drives). I could add a new category and go through the thrust engine types - it would be purely cosmetic as the category name isn't used for anything important in this case, but it sounds like a good idea.

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Wonder where I got the classification "Ground Combat Unit" from - someone else's spreadsheet I guess! Probably like most other players, I use a spreadsheet to keep track of all the units, items, installations, etc. The different categories make it a lot easier to filter the large number of entries to find the ones you want. So I agree that having a new category for "drives" and seperating them off from "jump drives" is a good idea. In the same vein if there is no seperate category for ground combat units, can we have one as this will let us sort them from all the other ground combat stuff.

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The real item that is needed is an INST that tells you the required tech. I just got Subterannean City (2 turns ago). Did an INST this turn. Great installation! Costs 25k Advanced CM. What did it take to get there.


No idea :o


At this point I know it takes Advanced CM (only tech that came through other than an engine type in slot 1). I assume it takes Sub Installation Cons (which I have), It could take 3G Civil Engineering but not 4th (I have 3 but not four) but it could also take Planetary Science and even maybe the dreaded Razor Wire..


Oh wait 24 turns of research and we still don't have that tech :rolleyes:

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