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Convoy Routes


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Some empires had their convoy routes only execute one order (and then halt execution) on the turn with results printed on August 27th.


If this happened to you, let me know. You don't need to give me any details of what should have been moved, or where the fleets need to be, just that your convoy routes only ran one action.


I can run a routine that will:

  • Run your convoy routes (with one less action point than normal, because your fleets on convoy routes already ran one action)
  • Reset the action points for all of your ships to their normal values
  • Run a fleet summary
  • Reprint your turn
  • Send you the reprint

Resetting your ships to their regular maximum action points is important so that they'll be ready to go for next time, with full action points being available.


This correction runs all of your convoy routes the way they should have run the first time.


My apologies for the trouble - problem identified and squashed for next time, by the way :thumbsup:

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