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JETT order in Convoy Routes


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On my last turn I tried to establish a colony route to drop off all those nice little system beacons, hence saving a load of orders.


I typed a number of orders of the type...


JETT: 999, System Beacon, 1


and got the response...


** The Imperial Naval Command Center is unable to locate any fleet with an id number of 999


Has anyone managed to use JETT orders in convoy routes and is the JETT order a legal one for such things? (If it isn't then isn't it about time it was!!!)

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Actually I don't think the JETT order is a valid convoy order. I reasoned the same way you did but I think I saw it would fail and didn't. It would be nice to have an automated routine that went outwards just JETTing system beacons :alien2:


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I wonder if I was to enter...


JETT: 101 (actual fleet number), System Beacon, 1


Then would it be accepted on the convoy route? Obviously this would only be any good if fleet 101 was the one running that convoy route!


Pete, any chance of any feedback on this? Are their plans to make the JETT order a valid one for convoy routes?

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